10 helpful tips, hints and secrets for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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May 3, 2016
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By Jonny Gamer

10 helpful tips, hints and secrets for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a new game from Hideo Kojima. Great storyline complemented by a large and beautiful open world full of possibilities. In this article, you will find ten key tips to help you get the most out of your game.

# 1 Foreword

Since MGS 5 was developed by the Japanese studio Kojima Productions, the game has some features familiar to the Japanese, but inconvenient for us (for those who play on consoles). For example, here the cross is negative and the circle is positive (usually the other way around). You will have to get used to it, although at first you will find yourself in very stupid situations, such as falling off cliffs. Out of habit, press the cross in order to climb onto the ledge, which you hold onto, but the hero will jump down and crash to death.

# 2 Mark enemies

In this game, unlike its predecessors, you will not have the traditional radar. Train yourself to rely on your attentiveness, because in MGS 5 opponents are very good at disguise. We advise you to often use binoculars to find opponents. If you suddenly notice some kind of activity from your enemies, then you should get binoculars and examine the suspicious area. If you focus on the target, after a couple of seconds it will be marked on your map using a marker. By the way, the enemy you marked will be highlighted with a stroke. You will be able to keep track of its location and activity, as well as see it on the iDroid map.

# 3 Use terrain

Constantly checking the terrain with binoculars is a good habit for a comfortable game in MGS 5, but more often than not, you will be “shone” by those whom you could not mark due to the peculiarities of the landscape. If you want to be as secretive as possible, then use these features to your advantage. Therefore, before penetrating the enemy camp, we advise you to climb the hill for a detailed study of the base and finding all the enemies. The local mountainous landscape has many elevations. You can also use buildings for tracking.

# 4 Capture Russian

A variety of side missions can be found in the iDroid missions tabs. Almost at the very beginning of the game, you will receive a mission to capture an English speaking Russian soldier. Let this be a side mission, but you should pay special attention to it, because as a result of its implementation you will get an interpreter on your team, without which you will not be able to interrogate and obtain information from other Russian soldiers.

# 5 Interrogation

Now that you have a translator, we advise you to make some changes to your tactics. When you find a lone soldier, you should not immediately lull or kill him, take it better to capture. While stealthy, approach him from behind and grab him at a close enough distance. Place a knife to his throat, and he will tell you a lot of useful and not so much. There is a chance to find out about the protection around the intended targets or find the location of locations with exotic weapons. After receiving such valuable information, do with the prisoner what you see fit.

# 6 From Dusk Till Dawn

Every time before starting a mission in MGS 5, the game will take you to the preparation screen, where the main character can choose his equipment. Please note that you can go to Afghanistan at different times. Right now, at 6 am or 6 pm. It’s not hard to guess that before sunset is the best option. Do not admire nature, but your secrecy will increase noticeably. The sight of the guards is greatly impaired at night, so penetration into the enemy camp will be greatly facilitated. In addition, at night you can observe a fascinating view of the launch of a rocket launcher, which illuminates everything around.

# 7 Horse

During missions in MGS 5, a horse will serve you well. It is invoked by pressing a button and choosing a whistle. In the saddle, you will be able to cover long distances at a higher speed. Oddly enough, the horse also helps in stealth. Hanging on one side, you can lead the guards into a stupor, because from the side it seems that no one is riding a horse. It even works during the day. Although this is very annoying, because the guards will pay their close attention to the horse.

# 8 Off-road

If you’ve played past MGS titles, then you know what a big mess your “spotlight” can turn into. Constant firefights over time get boring, so in order to avoid this, we advise you to move off-road and avoid major roads. It’s not so stressful and exciting, but for relaxation, this wilderness walk is good.

# 9 Living opponents are more useful

It is very pleasant to give out headshots in MGS 5, but we advise you to kill less often and capture your enemies more often – this will bring better results in the future. At the beginning of the game, the protagonist will have at his disposal about a dozen Fulton balls for extraction. Such balls lift unconscious opponents into the air, and then they are captured and transferred to your base. The soldiers you captured will be very useful at the base, and will work with you. Give them different tasks according to their skills using the personnel management in the Motherbase menu. It may sound boring and uninteresting, but this kind of micro-management brings many benefits. You can send them to research in order to produce weapons, or intelligence, which will bring a lot of useful information about Afghanistan.

# 10 One Bullet – One Skull

No matter how secretive you are, someday you will still be noticed. The soldiers will raise the alarm and join the battle with you. In MGS 5, you are given a little time after your discovery to quickly deal with an attentive enemy. This delayed moment is called “Reflex Mode” and lasts 3 seconds. Novice players may hesitate and do not have time to use this mode properly. Here’s a tip: Concentrate, aim at the enemy’s head, and shake off this misunderstanding.

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