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January 8, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

112 Operator: Tip (Hacked via Cheat Engine)

Hacked via CE 7.0. 

  1. Launching the Game
  2. Launching CE (Cheat Engine)
  3. In CE, we choose the game process. I have it 112 Operator. (amazing!)
  4. Loading the mission.

We will hack reputation and money. It’s pretty simple. 

Hacking for reputation:

  1. During the mission, we earn a little reputation
  2. Go to CE and drive in the actual value, choose Float as the search type.
  3. Go to the game and earn some reputation. 
  4. Go to CE again and filter out.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until 2 values ​​remain.

112 Operator: Tip (Hacked via Cheat Engine)

We change both to the desired one. You are well done!

Hacking for money:

It’s a little more complicated here. The value is coded in some regions.

After the mission, on the tactical map at the top left, we see the amount of money. Below is a table and a description of how to use it. We also need a calculator.

LONDONX: 0.874

In the table, opposite the name of the region, there are designations, for example, 1: 7. Where "X", this is the current value of the money on your tactical card. Where "7", the number by which you need to divide the current value of your money.

  1. We look at the actual amount of money on the tactical map.
  2. We take a calculator and divide the actual amount of money by a number from the table of the corresponding region, for example, Moscow. 3,500,000: 70 = 50,000
  3. Now we drive the resulting chilos into CE, type integer 4 Bytes.
  4. We spend money, repeat point 2, then point 3. And so, until one value remains.


In the regions of London and Warsaw, as you have already noticed, not a whole, but a fractional one. We do everything exactly the same. In the case of London only, I used the search range. For example, as a result of applying the formula from the table, I got the number 11,268.973673.

  1. In CE, we choose not a whole, but a range.
  2. First 11,200, second 11,300.
  3. We spend, we divide, again we take two numbers, the most suitable.
  4. One value remains. This is it.. 
  5. You are well done!

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