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December 10, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Arcanum / Of Steamworks and Magick: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

1. “Throwing clubs”.
An interesting glitch was discovered in the game: if you cannot throw, and did nothing to develop this skill, do the following:
a. Grab chakra (or any throwing weapon, this glitch was tested on chakra)
b. Throw in some friendly (!!) crap.
at. While throwing, quickly change chakra to ANY other weapon.
Result: Your hero will throw weapons (stick, rifle, etc., etc.) and cause damage!

2. “Tarant-translation Goblin-2”
Do you know in Taranta there is such a huge mansion in the northwest? So, if you go down from him, then you will meet a dwarf who only knows how to dare and call names. After long questioning, he will say that “he has such a job”.

When you receive a task from Sir Garik to find his aunt, find and take her to him, but do not kill. He gives you a cure for blindness and teaches you to be a Master in hand-to-hand combat. Go to Stiplwater, give the forge a potion and get the quest to take the eyes from Sir Garik. You go to Dernholm, kill him and take his eyes (they are in his pocket). You give them to the forge who asked to complete this task and become a master of hand-to-hand.

The optimal line of character development is melee (melee, evasiveness) + mage (meta school). This explosive mixture will give you an advantage over any enemy. You will dodge most arrows and even bullets (checked) with melee fighters, too. When facing a magician, aim a spell of reflection shield (meta-level 5). This spell reflects any effect of magic. Then when a hostile spell starts to rock, throw magic shackles on him (meta-level 4) – this will deprive him of the opportunity to bait with the spell, and then cynically shred.
useful tips
-buy a smoky jacket in any clothing store. when you wear it, you get +20 reactions of others. everyone treat you more kindly and you can buy some goods cheaper
-from the elf trader (ashbury marinas) you can buy gloves of agility (dvk + 2 for mages)
-a technologist can make a charged ring for himself (a complete analogue of gloves of agility)
-you can increase some of the characteristics by making sacrifices to the ancient gods (more about the elf scientist at the University of Taranta)..
-in kintarra, find a woman named whisper. tell her about yourself frankly. get a magic stone (one-time. gives you invisibility for a while)
-in the black root, after walking along the coast behind the mayor’s house, you will find a halfling. play with him in riddles (answers-clock, spring, fire). get a magic stone. (one-time. summons halfling magicians)

When you are in the “Silent Waters” and are looking for “Kintara” you find an elf who knows where she is, then you can skip his quests, for which you will have to pay 2000 gold, but simply kill him, take his amulet “N-Tala” and bring it to Glane in “Misty Hills”, she will then tell you everything.

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