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May 26, 2020
9 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Arx Fatalis: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

At the beginning of the game, after you escaped from your cell and defeated the first goblin, you see a table and a chair. There are two bones in the corner. Take the left bone and use it 10 times on the chair next to the table and you will get some useful inventory, including the Meteor Saber and the Ilsid Armor Set. You also get some nice symbols that can be right-clicked and must be used on the chicken image to activate its function. You will be able to go to different locations of the game, different characters, and different sets of inventory!

From the very beginning of the game, as soon as you get out of the prison, take the skeleton bone in the corner and use it on the chair: I don’t remember exactly which one. You will receive a lot of good and necessary things, among which the most powerful set of Ilseed armor in the game (except for a helmet, but Ilseeds do not wear helmets) + a saber made of a meteorite, which caused all this confusion. Good game!

If you find an alchemy mortar and you have bones, then you can make bone powder.
Apply powder on weapons, armor, etc..
There is a pebble there, a pink one, lying in the swamps, so if you apply it to weapons, armor, etc., but not all of it is applied, then this thing seems to stop deteriorating.

Some of the most difficult opponents are lychees and golems. Try to hit the golem directly in the heart (yellow), and against the liches, I never found a good remedy, but a shield (magic) and a wall (magic) help.

It just takes a bit of magic to kill a lich, ilseed, or a large spider. We apply the fireball spell and no problem. I soaked all the animals in the game using only this spell, despite the fact that this is just a third level spell.

To kill the Lich, you just need to use the “Drive out undead” spell.
Lynch will cast Invisibility. And your task is only to find it.

The lich can be killed like this:
If you rush through the door immediately after opening the chest, then with luck you can run out, and the Lich will either get stuck in the door and you can remove it with anything, or it will somehow leak out and it is easier to bang it in a room without magic.
The easiest way to kill a weevil demon is from a girl – he may not reach you, and you – with an arrow !!! You need to jump on the girl 🙂

The first “boss” is a demon in the temple. To defeat him, you need to stand on the stone, which is the stand for the meteor. The demon is still magic insensitive, so don’t mind the meteor draining your mana. The demon will stupidly push at your feet (he will not think to get up, and he will not be able to reach you when you stand a little higher). Swing and chop the fool with all your might.

The merchant Maria will report that her daughter Shani has disappeared. Everything is very simple – we go to the caves to the lake, find there a tree, as it were, entwined with a thick rope, and wait for it. After a small in-game movie, apply all available spells, just to kill all FIVE priests. After that (if you have time) we go to the end of the corridor, where we see a torch. Let’s pull for it and … a secret temple of akbaists will open. There we will see a girl scared to death. Let’s go back to Mary and she will give us some healing potions and SO MANY EXPOS that you never dreamed of. (about 9000)

Further – more fun. In the tomb, you nail mummies before you do anything. I guarantee you – at the first attempt to pull the lever, they will get up. If they are pinned to the floor in advance, they will remain lying. Also in the tomb, open all the doors (I advise you to collect 3-4 sets of master keys by this time and at least slightly pump the corresponding skill.
I also advise you to open the door behind the cobwebs (you will see when you walk through a long room with 3 passages (in them we constantly throw a stone or a skull in front of our nose, if intuition does not allow us to see the traps) – after walking along a secret passage, you will find how goblins rob merchants from the caves . Let’s kill the wicked and get all the treasures of the brothers for free.
In the tomb we open ALL doors and crypts at any cost. Found is worth it.

How to beat a lich in a temple. I don’t see anything complicated – we use EXCEPT UNLIVING and pin it in a corner (it’s better to memorize the spell in advance). Doesn’t even make a sound. The undead cast by him will not hurt you.

When you go to the women snakes, climb the stairs in the cave a little higher. You will see a rat-man from above. Hold the sword to maximum and attack by jumping on top of it. Get a dagger and exp (otherwise he will stab you and run away).

Real munchkinism – we go through the quest in the goblin palace, and then we kill all the goblins. The trolls will be offended at us for this, but nothing – we go to the banker in the city and he has one book (maybe more than one :-)). We will give a book to the king of trolls and get a lot of experience for it too.

After completing the story quest (destroying the meteorite), return Kragoz (or Zogark) to the king’s daughter. Back she will give you the Elder’s Shield, which, I believe, is more important than a stupid ring.

By the way, if you pump the skill of mastery, then on the distillation apparatus in the castle of the king, you can drive yourself hill-steps or drive them for money. I don’t see any sense in casting stones on weapons and bows, anyway, good swords will come across often, and in the end you will generally get a magic sword with an infinite resource.
In principle, it is possible (I once tried) to use the heart of a golem on a weapon – it gives some effect. Garlic also gives an effect (I don’t remember what effect.)

Finally, weapons against the Ylsid and the worm boss. The first and the last fight with a fireball. The amount depends on your level. You can still beat Ilisdov with such a thing (I forgot the name), which slowly heats it up (it turns red), and then it burns out. The spell is high-level, but it works for sure. In the Akbaa temple, it is irreplaceable. (in the last assignment)

After poking the bones on a chair, you get a full backpack of all useful equipment, do not rush to leave, use half a loaf (“bitten” bread) on one of the “balloons” – white squares with the image of green balloons, when hitting the ground in these transforming – and you will receive an addition to the useful inventory. Besides, if you often press “use” on the cylinders, you get the following funny glitches:
– Timely transition to the next level (with the corresponding addition of characteristics). Rock, people! Warning: in case of abuse, everything pumped up can be thrown off to the first level, taking ALL magic with it…
– The appearance of quest items on your way. So, for example, I had about eight Zogarks, I very successfully “pledged” them to the sellers, and there are three pieces of koltka powders … a shortage, apparently …))
When using various items on a chicken (receipt), all the notes that were in the game appear (in turn, after each use). Items used on chicken will disappear soon, use unnecessary!
When using an item on a square with an image of a basket (it also appears during a feint with a bone among the inventory), the item disappears. What were you waiting for?
There is also such a glitch sometimes (I only had one) – the key to the room with the traitor’s diary (well, I don’t remember the name!) Appears by itself when you first visit the palace on the stairs, with him – a note with a password.
And this I have not yet fully passed – I hang on the riddles of tombs, laziness …))))))

The best spell in the game – Defeat (Harm) / consists of the runes of Raa and Vit. It can be cast on yourself several times at the same time, as a result – the demon and ilseeds do not have time to do anything with 4-5 spells. Plus, it acts like a torch. If it’s really tense, use one fireball. This is enough for anyone. By the way, Harm in the amount of one piece consumes less mana than it is restored over time, and it itself works almost endlessly, unless you yourself turn it off to communicate with an NPC or load a save game or jump from map to map.

To become a treasure hunter (the message can be read in a yellow tulip), you need to go to the floor with an underground lake, find and break a wooden door (it is not far from the portal). Then you need to put an emerald in a wooden chest, and you are in the game! If you find all the clues, it’s not difficult in principle, then at the end you will have a healthy ring!

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