Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood: Advice (How to get the scimitar)

In this game there are weapons that cannot be bought in forges (for example, a scimitar, with which many guards go, if there are others I do not know). They can be obtained in the following way: this requires a heavy scabbard and a heavy weapon. Take in your hands, for example, some heavy ax, hold down the left mouse button (well, or other attack buttons on other consoles, which I don’t know for sure), and Ezio will throw this weapon out with a swing. Next, you can act in two ways:
1) Select your fists and run over some guards (who have a scimitar, of course), then with the help of a counterattack we disarm the guard with a scimitar – voila – you became the rightful owner of the scimitar.
2) You can do a similar trick with another weapon – just bang the guard with, say, a hidden blade, and then just pick up the scimitar and dump it to hell.
Attention: the weapon will not be saved in the shelter if you change it – you will have to do all these tricks again.
I am personally the author of this method.
This tip is mainly for scimitar lovers (like me).

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