Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood: Tip (how to get through a tank 100%)

In a mission where you need to destroy Leonardo’s tank, surely 99% of the players had problems in order not to get damage on the tank. One day I was going through this task and found one trick. First, we go through the cannons, this is not difficult in comparison with tanks, then we lure the tanks to go at you and go to the desynchronization zone, but not deep, so that the latter does not happen, and we sit there. Tanks aim at you but don’t get through this “field”. And your shells can destroy tanks across the synchronization border.

Also, if someone has difficulties with guns:
leave the corner with a side ride, after the shot you immediately drive back. While the projectile is flying, you will have time to leave for cover.

This is not a walkthrough advice, it’s just a hint / bug. I will be glad if anyone can help.

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