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January 21, 2020
1 minute

Hello everyone, I explain how to make a GM with your own hands in a couple of minutes. Go into the game and engage in a fight with a low-level mob that will not do you much damage. After the mob hits you, in the search for the Cheat Engine, type in this value, say 2. Then you give the mob to hit yourself again, suppose he hit 3 – then we add this value to the previous one and do the screening by value 5. Literally after 3- 4 hits you will find an address responsible for the damage done to you, set it to zero and enjoy immortality.

The only problem is that every time you enter the game or load a save, this address changes, so you have to look for it again every time, since it’s not so long and difficult.

Download Cheat Engine from our server you can here.

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