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September 24, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

ATOM RPG: Tip (Character Editing)

There is no editor for this game, but using Notepad ++ you can edit the save.

It is more convenient to use Total Commander to access the game saves. In the configuration, we find the settings, the contents of the panels, we find and tick the boxes “show hidden and system files. Now the path to the save looks like this: C: \ users \ username (what was chosen when installing Windows) \ AppData \ LocalLow \ AtomTeam \ Atom. 
In the Save folder, we need the player.dat file 

But the Notepad ++ program does not see this path, so I created the Atom folder separately and copied the file there.

Experimentally, I found out that you can edit the characteristics and skills, you can increase the number of existing items, money, food, cartridges. You can make another from one object. We find “Old_Rifle” we write “Ak47” and instead of the gun that our grandfather gave us for the corn, we get AK47. It should look like this:

“item1”: {

         “class”: “Weapon”,

         “count”: “1”,

         “proto”: “AK47”,

         “ammo”: {

            “count”: “30”,

            “proto”: “7_62mm_JHP”


In the cache next to the tree we find a stimulator, cartridges and a knife.

To change the number of cartridges we find this:


            “class”: “Ammo”,

            “count”: “353”,

            “proto”: “7_62mm_JHP”

“Count” is responsible for the amount.

The stimulants in this game have a side effect of addiction.

Therefore, I make a first aid kit from a stimulant:


“class”: “Consumable”,

            “count”: “14”,

            “proto”: “MedKit”

As I understood the word “Consumable”, these are medicines and food.

Buy 1 biscuit from the merchant and make yourself as much as you need.

Biscuit is a biscuit.

According to this principle, from any unnecessary junk bottles, soap, etc..

It is important to write Consumable instead of Item.

We do ourselves:


Antidote – antidote


JetVirus – Mysterious Serum

AntiJet – a cure for addiction and withdrawal symptoms after using stimulants.

Recipes are now on the Atom RPG Wiki.


I found out the names of items for crafting:

WhetStone – whetstone

RabbitFur – rabbit skin

Wastemetal – scrap metal

Wires – wires

Tape – electrical tape

Nails – nails

Platok_2 – bandana

Diseloil – diesel oil


After other players explained to me that in order to get the Savant achievement, you need to create a character with any characteristic 11, I found out that in this game it turns out that you can make characteristics of 11. It was not possible in any Fallout.

And even though I didn’t find where to edit health points, and the edited action points when entering the game do not show the number that I indicated. With all the characteristics of 11, you can fight. And if you also set all the skills at 80, then you can hack without problems, create objects, convince in dialogues, etc..

And if you immediately want to have a steel bib, then it looks like this in the file

 armor “: {

         “class”: “Uniform”,

         “count”: “1”,

         “proto”: “ArmorLA”

The helmet is not rusty

“class”: “Uniform”,

            “skin”: “Skin_2”,

            “count”: “1”,

            “proto”: “Helmet”

I make spiked armor and a helmet. Then I change the name to ArmorLA and Helmet.

Gasmask – gas mask

Rope – rope.

Of weapons:

Grenade – grant

DinamitStick – stick of dynamite

Molotov – Molotov cocktail

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