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November 5, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Battlefield 2 Tip (How to Duplicate Weapons)

Hello! )

On the previous topic, I wrote that I will show how you can duplicate weapons.

Here we will just talk about this.!

First, let’s define why you need it:

This is necessary if you want to replace some weapon for a certain class, but other classes also have these weapons, and it can be difficult to remove them, for example: you want to put grenades in the second slot for an American attack aircraft, but all classes in the game have grenades, but sit and clean for a long time and you don’t need grenades, that’s why you can duplicate grenades and put slot number 2 in the duplicated grenade to add the attack aircraft;

Or, for example, you want to increase the damage from grenades only to Americans, then here you can also duplicate grenades and increase the damage and replace the original grenades from amers with these grenades.

What should be done:

Let’s say I want to increase the damage of ERYX only to mec (after all, the Chinese also have ERYX).

Battlefield 2 Tip (How to Duplicate Weapons)


And so let’s get started: first, you need to transfer the CHAT_ERYX folder located in Battlefield 2 \ mods \ bf2 \ \ Weapons \ Handheld \ to your desktop, then you need to rename the folder to anything, for example, CHAT_ERYX_2, then go to this folder and select two files: CHAT_ERYX.con and CHAT_ERYX.tweak and go to their properties, uncheck the “read-only” checkbox, save and exit, now open CHAT_ERYX.con and see these lines:

GeometryTemplate.create BundledMesh chat_eryx

CollisionManager.createTemplate chat_eryx


ObjectTemplate.create GenericFireArm chat_eryx

And we replace chat_eryx with the name that we named the folder, in my case it is chat_eryx_2.

And we also see this line:

include chat_eryx.tweak

We also need to rename it, the line will look like this:

include chat_eryx_2.tweak.

After everything has been renamed, save and exit CHAT_ERYX.con.

Now you need to rename dva file (it and CHAT_ERYX.tweak) to CHAT_ERYX_2.con and CHAT_ERYX_2.tweak.

Then you need to open our CHAT_ERYX_2.tweak and find this line:

ObjectTemplate.activeSafe GenericFireArm chat_eryx

As you probably already guessed, chat_eryx needs to be renamed to chat_eryx_2 too, now we exit by saving the file.

And now we need to move our folder (in my case CHAT_ERYX_2) back to the open archive (where we transferred it to the workstation from).

That’s all, it remains to go to the mec class “AntiTank” and change CHAT_ERYX to CHAT_ERYX_2.


If anything, ask questions in the comments, how I can help)

Good luck! ))        


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