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July 8, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain: All Secrets

1) Mausoleum: In the mausoleum that you enter after leaving the tomb of Cain, you will find two small stones lying on the bloody symbols. Move them from these places (you need increased strength) and a secret door to the southeast will open.

2) Cemetery: east of the first mausoleum. Use the shape of a wolf to jump over the fence.

3) Cemetery: South of the first mausoleum. Also use the shape of a wolf.

4) Southwest Mausoleum: South of the first mausoleum there is another one, to reach it, you need a wolf shape. Inside there is a teleporter that will take you to the eastern mausoleum.

5) Siegstul: There is a red glow behind the counter in the tavern where you started the game. There is a hidden button that will open the passage to the Forge of Spirits.

6) Temple of Light: from the entrance, go right and go to the southeast corner. The wall will open.

7) Temple of Light: Almost at the end of the dungeon, when you turn south, you will see a column with a red glow around it. Touch it and two rooms will open.

8) Forge of Spirits: Northwest of the wolf’s cave is the Forge of Spirits.

9) Rogue Lair: Follow the bridges east of Nachtolm, then use the wolf form and enter the cave, which is only open when the moon is full.

10) Cave northeast of Nachtolm: Use the form of fog to traverse the water and enter the cave. This is a teleport to a location reminiscent of Stonehenge, where many items are located.

11) Southeast Nachtolm: Cross the water and enter the cave at full moon. The location is similar to the previous one.

12) Big Horn Brothel Tavern: Located in Steinshenkrow. Head north and go up the central staircase. You will see two chairs against the wall. Move the left one even further to the left. A secret door to the Spirit Forge will open.

13) Secret food location: There is a cave to the east of Steinshenkrow. Just walk up to the statue of the four-armed demon.

14) Secret Food Location: Destroy this statue with your mace and go forward.

15) East Steinshenkrow: move the big gray stone (higher power needed) and head east.

16) Spirit Forge: North of Steinshenkrow is a moon cave leading to the Spirit Forge.

17) Wasserbund: There is a house in this town, the entrance to which is blocked by a cobblestone. Smash it with your club and go inside. Go to the west room and its northwest corner. Return to the main room where the passage to the Spirit Forge has opened.

18) Southwest Wasserbund: Break the cobblestone and collect items.

19) Wasserbund Southwest: Change into fog form and follow the river southwest.

20) Napraptor’s Lair: After four tests, go south into the mouth and turn the lever. A door will open in the northwest.

21) North of Wasserbund: West of the magic cave is another cobblestone. Break it down and collect items.

22) Forge of Spirits: moon cave south of Kurhagen.

23) Dungeons of Suggestion of Fury: head towards the ghosts of women. Open all doors and pull the chain. A secret door will open.

24) Malek’s Bastion: When you first got here, walk next to the teleport. A secret door will open.

25) Malek’s Bastion: Go through this door and continue to a room with four levers. Turn the first and last one to open the door to the west. There is another lever behind it. Turn it and new warrior ghosts will no longer appear in the Bastion!

26) Lost City: there are 28 secrets in this location. To get here, head northwest of the Mist Cave. You will be taken to an island with a teleporter, which will take you to the entrance. But the gates only open when the moon is full. Once inside, head east. In the northeast corner is the button.

27) Lost City: another button in the northwest corner. Pressing both of these buttons will open another door..

28) Lost City: Behind this door is a hall with a snake statue in the center. Tap it to open a passage south of the main entrance.

29) Head south from the entrance and enter the first temple. It contains a statue in the first right corner..

30) Lost City: a little further north.

31) Lost City: even further. By pressing all three buttons, you will open another passage.

32) Lost City: Exit this temple and go to the one to the north. To the left of the entrance is the button.

33) Lost City: go right and take over the guard’s mind. Head north and press the button to open the path to the teleporter.

34) Lost City: While still controlling the guards, go to the teleporter. There is a button to the north of it.

35) Lost City: the same, only the button is located a little further.

36-40) Lost City: Same as 34.

41) Lost City: Enter the next temple to the east. Take over the mind of the priest on the left. Press the button north.

42) Lost City: same operation with the priest on the right.

43) Lost City: go through the north door, then left and take the first right. There is a button there.

44) Lost City: Back out, go right and then take the first left. Button.

45) Lost City: behind the teleport there is a lever on the wall that will open the last temple.

46) Lost City: There is a building in the northeast of the Lost City. Go to it. Complete all 8 Spirit Forges, turn the lever and move on.

47-53) Lost City: the same as 46. Now you won’t have a shortage of items and magic.

54) Dungeon of Mind Control: go north, take the spell. Return to the south until you see three enemies with clubs on the left. Kill two and take over the mind of the third. Head west and turn the lever. While still controlling the enemy, go back and grab the item.

55) Dungeon Mind Control: same operation with three enemies on the right.

56) Mind Control Dungeon: go to the location with the shooting skulls. Walk past them, turn the lever and return. Turn right and take over the mind of the enemy. Head north and take the Heart of Darkness.

57) Mind Control Dungeon: Return to the main dungeon room. In the northeast corner near the lever is the enemy. Turn it, enter a new room, shoot a lightning bolt forward. A teleport will open leading to the Forge of Spirits.

58) Dungeon of Mind Control: Kill one of the two enemies on the left, take over the mind of the other. Head north and turn the lever. The path to the Forge of Spirits will open.

59) Dungeon of Mind Control: Repeat the procedure on the right to lower the bridge leading to the teleports.

60) Forge of Spirits: In the southwest of Thermogenic Forest, transform into a wolf and jump for the spell. Transform into fog and go through the hole in the wall to the Spirit Forge.

61) Forge of Spirits: Located in the Thermogenetic Forest, northeast of the Fire Sword Cave.

62) Vorador’s Mansion: From the second red triangle on the floor, head east. Take control of the enemy to the north and turn the lever. Return to the triangle and go through the door on the left..

63) Vorador’s Mansion: Exit through the south door, collect items, in the form of fog, go east.

64) Vorador’s Mansion: in the first zone with many spikes on the floor and two shooting opponents, there is a button at the third column that opens a door in the east.

65) Vorador’s Mansion: From this button, head north through the door. The next door on the left has a button that opens the door in the southeast.

66) Vorador’s Mansion: After receiving the Chaos Armor, head north and press the button near the pillar. Take over the enemy’s mind and go through the door.

67) Vorador’s Mansion: Two rooms north of the Blood Soul spell, a button on the north wall opens the door to the west.

68) Vorador’s Mansion: Go through this door, press the button on the north wall. Go back to the previous button. A door opened next to her.

69) Vorador’s Mansion: After finding the Ancient Chronicle of Vorador, turn right and press the button to open the door in the south.

70) Vorador’s Mansion: Take control of the enemy’s mind, head south to the exit. In the northwest corner is a button that opens the door to the left of Vorador’s Chronicle.

71) Vorador’s Mansion: After meeting with Vorador, go to the northwest corner. Walk through the fog-shaped wall.

72) Vorador’s Mansion: In the meeting room, head east, you will notice a green glow in the north. There is a hidden button.

73) Janos House: in the center of Ushtenheim you will find a house with three rooms, but the passage to the east is closed. To open it, return to the first crypt and turn all three levers (previously you had to turn two of them to go further). Now return to the aisle in Janos’ house, behind it is the Spirit Forge.

74) West of Ushtenheim: find one spell.

75-76) Northwest of Ushtenheim: from the previous secret go north and then east in the form of a wolf.

77) Lava Cave: There is a lava cave between Ushtenheim and Dark Paradise. Turn the lever to the northwest.

78) Forge of Spirits: between Ushtenheim and Dark Paradise there is a large cobblestone, behind which is the moon gate.

79) Lightning Cave: between Dark Paradise and Avernus, near the bat mark, there is a large moon gate. Behind them is the most powerful spell: Lightning.

80) Avernus: where you meet the gray demon for the first time, there is a house with a dilapidated door. Enter the house in the form of fog and take the spell.

81) Avernus: From the previous secret, head east through the gap. Head south. There is a staircase in the northwest corner of the cave. It leads to another room with a break. Use a fog shape.

82) Avernus: return to the cave, take the Heart of Darkness in the southwest corner.

83) Avernus: exit in the form of fog through the south door, take the spell in the east.

84) Avernus: go up the stairs and through the gap, take the spell in the north room.

85) Cathedral of Avernus: at the north end of the first section (before you get the Soul Thief), in the last room you teleport to, there is a passage to the south. 

86) Southeast of the exit from Avernus: Traveling from Avernus to Willendorf, you pass two stones blocking the path to the southern lake. Slide them and take four Hearts of Darkness.

87) Mercenary Cave: This is the cave east of the previous secret. In it, go forward until you see two mercenaries with knives: right and left. Take over the steam’s mind and step on the button in the floor to open the door in the north of the cave.

88) East of Willendorf: Move the large brown stones, then the gray stone. At the end of the path, take some spells.

89) Southeast of Willendorf: head south to the mark and three caves. One of them contains a secret.

90) Forge of Spirits: south of the previous secret is the moon cave.

91) Village of Willendorf: To the west there is a house separated by a rock from the rest of the city. It contains a passage to the Forge of Spirits.

92) South of Willendorf: go to the island in the form of fog.

93) Island south of Elzevir Mansion: the island is covered in ice and has several items on it.

94) Southwest of Elzevir Mansion: from the previous secret, go west and along the coast to the south.

95) South of Elzevir Mansion: Continue from Secret 94.

96) South of Elzevir Mansion: Continue from Secret 95.

97) Forge of Spirits: to the west of the citadel of William the Just there are two caves, one of them is lunar. To get there, you need to go northwest from the entrance to the citadel. 

98) Forge of Spirits: Return to Secret 97 when you enter the past.

99) The Citadel of William the Just: Go to the room with four levers and three corridors (after you hear Mobius and William talking). Turn the lever to the left of the door and exit through the opened door in the southeast corner. Turn the lever to the east of the room door where you find yourself.

100) Forge of Spirits: Return to Secret 97 after fighting William the Just.

Finding all the secrets will allow you to reach the rank of Devourer of Worlds. Good luck


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