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October 8, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

BloodRayne: Walkthrough Tips

How to kill Beliar!
You need to aim at his spine (where a normal person has a stomach) – one set of weapons is usually enough. Still on the third column to the right of the entrance lies a greneytwurf, while Beliar is small, let him go into the corridor behind Wulf – we throw grenades at him there, then moisten Wulf – press him into a corner in the corridor and turn on the rage – two times is usually enough (sometimes one), Beliar in the meantime, let him grow up, then we go out to the second floor (if we are not old enough, we still wait while collecting weapons). When he is a little higher than the 2nd floor – shoot him in the spine without any problems! All!
When you meet with Means, there is an option not to kill her completely, but to throw her into the abyss, perhaps she will be thrown from the blow, or maybe Rayne will jump into the abyss along with Means (if you can get to a small performance).
The butcher can be killed simply by cracking the remote control – it will fly down.
Mauler is not a problem if the weapon is hacked (if there is a burglar).
The concrete wall has a “sill-sill”. His Mauler is unable to break through.
You can not fight with the officers, but just come up from behind, using time dilation, and eat them.
You need to kill Beliar first, because he grows. If you do this, the game will be saved and you will now always fight with only one leader (I hint: one is easier to soak than two :). And if on the contrary, then, firstly, nifiga will not survive, and secondly, Beliar will be so huge that it is almost impossible to have time to soak it before Game Over.
In the battle with the butcher, you can stand on the pieces of iron, through which the current flows (naturally, so that it does not hurt you), then you will not fall down.

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