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December 30, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Borderlands 2: Siren Leveling Tips

Beauty and sportswoman.

We have already considered the development options for the Special Forces Exton, the schizo-shooter Salvador and the ruthless killer Zero. Now it’s time to move on to their beautiful, but no less deadly partner – a siren named Maya.

Frontier magic

A huge and dangerous robot will peacefully hang in a “soap bubble” for the next three seconds. He will hardly get out of there alive.

Maya’s active skill is “Capture” (Phaselock), with which you can pull the enemy out of the battle, locking him up with a purple sphere that does not allow him to move or attack. And at this moment he can and should be shot, because he receives increased damage.

Stasis does not last long, only three seconds, but it also recharges only thirteen. Only one enemy is caught in the sphere, which was in the scope, but if you miss, it doesn’t matter – the skill will recharge instantly. Some opponents (mainly bosses) cannot be imprisoned in the sphere – the capture will simply cause a little damage to them.

The Cataclysm skill tree will transform a siren into a battle mage. Harmony will make Maya a healer, able to bring a dying partner to his feet with a wave of his hand. Finally, the Motion tree consists of defensive skills and greatly enhances Maya’s ability to control enemies..

It is difficult for her to single out narrowly focused development options – in each tree, some skills are perfectly combined with skills from others. But in any case, the siren remains a support fighter – either medical or artillery.

Soraka, Starseed

The build for healers is distinguished by a huge margin of survival, both for himself and for allies. Big BUT – most skills are useless in single player.

Let’s start with Maya’s main skill, which no branch can do without – Sweet Release will restore health to both us and all our partners for every enemy killed in our capture. After that we take “Reinforcement” (Restoration), which will allow us to heal partners by shooting them. Finally, we take “Resurrection” (Res), which will allow our capture to instantly raise allies lying on the floor to their feet.

To further increase the survivability of partners, swing Elated, which will regenerate the health of the whole team during the capture action, and climb up the Cataclysm tree. Foresight will increase magazine capacity and reload speed, while Helios will cause the grapple to produce a small explosion, setting both the captured enemy and its neighbors on fire. The fire damage of “Helios” depends not only on the skill level, but also on the level of Maya herself. Finally, we take the “Acid Cloud” (Cloud Kill), which will appear when you hit the enemy with any weapon, act for five seconds and inflict corrosion damage – especially good against robots.

After that we develop “Harmony” to the end – “Support” (Sustenance) will give us a small but constant regeneration of health, “Life Tap” after each killed enemy for a short time will endow our attacks with vampirism. The final skill – “Scorn” – will cause our melee attack to throw a “slag ball” every eighteen seconds, damaging enemies and covering them with slag. Combines well with Acid Cloud and Helios.

Bastila Shan

The Movement option will turn Maya into a full-fledged Jedi – a lot of defense, a little counterattack, and a lot of enemy control.

We start with the “Ward” skill, which will strengthen our shield and reduce the interval before it starts charging. After that – “Kinetic Reflection” (Kinetic Reflection), so that after any kill Maya for some time reflects bullets (but only bullets) back at enemies. Then – “Converge” (Converge), so that the capture attracts nearby enemies to the target and inflicts small damage on them, and “Suspension”, which will significantly increase the duration of the capture.

We pass to the tree “Cataclysm”, taking “Wonderful gift” along the way. We take already known to us “Foresight”, “Helios” and “Acid Cloud” – the last two will make a gorgeous combination with “Convergence”.

After that we reach the top of the “Movement” tree. “Maturation” (Quicken) will speed up the recharge of the grapple, and the “Cycle” (Sub-Sequence) will increase (and at the maximum level will bring up to 100%) the probability that after the death of a “captured” enemy, the sphere will automatically jump to the next one. The last skill will turn our capture into “Thoughtlock”, which will not put the enemy in stasis, but transfer him to our side, forcing his allies to attack. In addition, the duration of the skill will increase – but at the same time, the recharge duration will also increase..

Chandra Nalaar

The Cataclysm tree will give Maya the ability to inflict huge elemental damage in the best traditions of battle mages – it’s a pity that we will inherit their flimsy.

First, we go along the well-known line “Foresight” – “Helios” – “Acid Cloud”. After that, we develop the “Chain Reaction”, which will give our shots a small (at the maximum – 40%) chance, after hitting one enemy, to rebound in the next.

Go to the “Movement” tree, again taking the “Wonderful Gift” along the way. We take “Accelerate”, which will increase the speed of our projectiles and increase their damage, and through the “Kinetic Reflection” we pass to the “Convergence”. And here again, a combination is ready to gather enemies in a heap and inflict massive damage on them.

We return to “Cataclysm” and bring it to the end. Reaper will significantly increase our damage to enemies with more than half health. “Blight Phoenix” (Blight Phoenix) will make us after each kill for some time to inflict fire and corrosive damage to enemies around us.

The final skill – “Defeat” (Ruin) will add slag, electricity and corrosion damage to our capture, which, in combination with “Helios”, will give us all four elements. Now we can kill even a strong enemy (not to mention the flock of small husks surrounding him), simply by using a grab.

By itself, “Helios” does little damage, but in combination with the rest of our skills …
The futuristic sorceress Maya is not so strong in individual skills as in their killer combinations, so don’t be afraid to experiment with them. Good luck and beautiful victories!

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