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July 31, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Breach & Clear: Deadline: Tip (Making Money)

Sorry to write to the wrong place, but nowhere else. It turned out that the game “Breach & Clear”, that is, the first part of it, ported from phones is simply not there.

Now actually how to make money.
We go to our preservation. I have it here – C: \ Users \ user \ Documents \ savedgames \ breachclear
There is only one file – bnc.gun – open it with notepad and look for the lines:

We replace them with lines:

Save, load the game. If everything is correct, it will be $ 1,155,555


In the first paragraphs, you can also change the parameters before achievements, for example, by replacing the line
You should get 4 achievements in steam. Pirates do not understand;)

Changing the parameters of the characters:

We go to a line similar to this one: Squad1¬ {“SquadName”: “Squad name”, “Owned”: 0, “Created”: 1, “SquadType”: 4}
The next 4 paragraphs are your characters in this unit.
We are looking for the required parameters:

“HealthLv”: 100health
“EvasionLv”: 100crit chance
“Level”: 30level
“SpeedLv”: 100speed
“AccuracyLv”: 100accuracy
“SpecialLv”: 100special skill
“ReactionLv”: 100reaction

You can also change the name and equipment, but here you can figure it out yourself.
That’s all I wanted to say. Thank you for attention!

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