Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight: Hint (honest fast leveling up to level 20) Very fast, fair leveling up, adding experience, etc.

hto does not know – during one task you can pump yourself up to level 20. And at the same time it is completely honest!
1) Find a place where the enemy is constantly reborn and build a defensive line there.
As I did – (a true NOD fanatic) in the first task for NOD: choose a defensive class and go down the map (GDI troops will constantly respawn there) then destroy the enemies (placing defense towers and bunkers on the conquered territories) and gradually pinch the enemy to the respawn points.
After that, we put the last line of defense at the range of a machine gun shot. In the bunker we plant the adepts, and (if there are already several open levels) behind the bunkers, you can erect a Serpent turret. It is also advisable to put a crawler on one side of the defense line for repairing towers, and on the other – Send two or three slaves for repairs. So: after 15 minutes of diligent attempts I managed to create a self-healing outpost. After that I went for a walk, periodically checking and saving what I had achieved and pumped up to level 20. if you have your own options, write

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