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December 29, 2020
7 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Counter-Strike: Tip (reduce PING)

If you are playing by modem, then turn off icq, stop downloads and that’s it
the rest, which creates extra traffic.
Then make a network settings switch in your config.
It is done very simply:
Add this to the cstrike / autoexec.cfg file:
alias net0 “rate 1400; cl_rate 1000; cl_updaterate 10; cl_cmdrate 15; alias netsw net1; echo *** Net: 24.0k, updates: 12; speak ten”
alias net1 “rate 2600; cl_rate 1500; cl_updaterate 15; cl_cmdrate 20; alias netsw net2; echo *** Net:
26.4k, updates: 15; speak fifteen “
alias net2 “rate 3100; cl_rate 2000; cl_updaterate 20; cl_cmdrate 25; alias netsw net3; echo *** Net:
31.2k, updates: 20; speak twenty “
alias net3 “rate 3300; cl_rate 2500; cl_updaterate 25; cl_cmdrate 30; alias netsw net4; echo *** Net: 33.6k, updates: 25; speak twenty.five”
alias net4 “rate 6000; cl_rate 5000; cl_updaterate 50; cl_cmdrate 50; alias netsw net0; echo *** Net: all must die, updates: 50; speak fifty”

Add this to the cstrike / config.cfg file:
bind ALT netsw // instead of ALT you can put any key.
net_graph 1
net_scale 5
net_graphpos 2

Right in the game, by pressing the ALT key, select the optimal speed for your

In my experience, when you connect to the Internet 33600, you can play normally without lags on
value 10-15.

rate – Limitation of incoming traffic (Byte / sec.)
cl_rate – Limit outgoing traffic (Bytes / sec.)
cl_updaterate – Number of updates from server to client (incoming traffic) in
cl_cmdrate – Number of updates from client to server (outgoing traffic) per sec.

Some more useful config settings (cstrikeconfig.cfg file):

cl_allowdownload – Allow downloading resources from the server to the player. Affects only the time and chance of connection. That is, if it is inactive (stands at 0), and on the server a model that you do not have, you will not be able to complete the connection process. I recommend activating (value = 1).
cl_allowupload – Allow the server to download client resources. The same situation, if you have a model, but it is not on the server, then no one will see your model. I recommend activating (value = 1).
cl_cmdbackup – Number of packets sent to the server. That is, how many packets are sent to the server per second. The lower the value, the lower the ping, but you should not abuse it either. The optimal value is 2.
cl_cmdrate – The rate at which commands are sent to the server. For optimal performance, the value should match the framerate parameter. If we talk about a modem connection, then the value should be from 20 to 30. First, put 20.
cl_download_ingame – Allow downloading resources directly in the game. At your choice because only affects the connection speed if someone has CS features and has just joined the game. I usually allow in-game downloads (value = 1).
cl_lc – Server side lag compensation. This parameter forces the server to take your ping into account and significantly optimize performance, but this option can be disabled on the server (sv_unlag 0). If so, cl_lc and cl_lw are ignored. The cl_lc value, as you understand, needs to be set to 1.
cl_lw – All effects and actions associated with weapons are rendered on the client side. This helps to significantly optimize the work, but you will not have a 100% guarantee that what you see is really the case. Although how much I played, I never noticed any deviations from what was really happening. If you want to play without lags, set the value to 1.
cl_lb – All consequences of the shootout i.e. blood stains, holes on the walls, etc. are calculated on the client side. The same optimization principle as in the previous two commands. Value 1 for optimization.
cl_nodelta – Disable delta compression. Never do this because connection speed will not improve and is intended for good LANs and poor computers. For modem play, the value must be 0.
cl_nopred – Don’t predict player’s movements. If you want to see smooth movements of other players and yourself, do not enable this option (value = 0).
cl_resend – The time after which the packet will be sent again if the previous one did not reach. The smaller the faster the error will be corrected when transmitting the data packet, but sometimes it is worth setting the value not 1, but 2 or even 3, since if there is noise on the line and the next packet will also not arrive, there will be a critical error and a crash from the server (in the upper-right corner there is a Connection Problem message). First, set the value to 1.
cl_showfps – Show FPS in the upper left corner. Your current FPS will be shown in the upper left corner. If the connection graph is disabled (net_graph 0), then you can enable the FPS counter (value = 1). But if you follow all my recommendations do not include (value = 0).
cl_updaterate – The rate at which game information is updated. If the parameter value is 20, then the game information is updated 20 times per second. By the way, the value 20 is optimal.
fastsprites – Type of smoke sprites. They look terrible. The value can be 0, 1, 2, or 3. Where 0 is realistic and 2 is the simplest (and poor). The value does not really affect the connection speed, but rather the speed of the CS itself. I recommend to start as a value – 2.
fps_modem – FPS maximum by modem. Like a regular FPS, but only valid when playing on a modem. Bet 28.
hud_fastswitch – Fast weapon change. In this case, you do not first click on the slot and then on the shot, and only then the weapon changes, but immediately click on the slot and the weapon changed.
max_shells – The maximum number of simultaneously rendered cartridges. For fans of special effects. I advise you to immediately set it to 0.
max_smokepuffs – The maximum number of simultaneously rendered puffs of smoke. Similar to the previous parameter, but here we are talking about puffs of smoke.
mp_decals – The number of shot holes, bloodstains, etc. displayed at the same time. In order not to prejudice yourself in the effects and at the same time save on system resources, set 10. By the way, for a single game the parameter is different – r_decals.
mp_footsteps – Footsteps sound. If it pings too much, turn it off, but it’s impossible to play without them at all.
net_graph – Graph of connection speed. Values: 1 – statistics and connection graph, 2 – statistics, connection graph and data transfer graph, 3 – statistics only and 0 – inactive.
net_graphwidth – The width of the connection speed graph. Leave the default value – 192.
net_graphpos – Location of the connection speed graph. Those. left, center or right. Leave the default on the left (value = 1).
pushlatency – Smooth / compensate for latency. Equal to 50 or 100% of the ping taken with the opposite (negative) sign. For example, if the ping is 300, the value of pushlatency should be (-150) or (-200). For now, put (-150).
scr_conspeed – Console exit speed. I bet 10000.

Server settings (file cstrike / server.cfg):

sv_unlag – Compensate for client lags i.e. allow cl_lc, cl_lw and cl_lb. When playing by modem, the server must support lag compensation (value = 1).
sv_unlagmax – Maximum delay compensation time in seconds. Leave the default value – 0.5 seconds.
sv_unlagsamples – How many previous packets are used to calculate client latency. One packet is enough (value = 1).

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