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January 24, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

In the first chapter, the house is opposite the large gate, on the second floor near the wardrobe there is a lamp, if you pull open the hatch to the secret room.

After killing the orcs guarding the hall, you can take Lina there. After a short dialogue, she will remove a large shard of the wall, and you can open the gate and go into the corridor leading to the premises of the temple.

On the way to the hall described below, there will be a room in which there is a seated statue, and the second is lying on the floor, if you put it in place with the help of telikinesis, then a secret will be revealed.

When you get to the hall in which you will kill a couple of goblins, go to the column located at the right wall and cut the boards fixed on it. Falling down, the column will create a kind of bridge over which you can get up.

After jumping into the tunnel, run along it until you fall down. Next, go along the spider hole into a large cave, fighting with insects, and turn into the left tunnel. On it you will go inside a large well. Here you need to climb to the upper platform, fighting off the spiders. In fact, once you enter the well, arm yourself with the Cliffhanger’s bow and shoot at all the wooden beams and platforms located in the walls. When this is done, quickly go upstairs, ignoring the spiders. From the last platform, you must go to the left along the transition to a niche, behind which a tunnel opens.

If you look even higher, then there are beams on which it is difficult to climb, but you can and already at the very top there is a secret ENDLESS QUIVER, after which it’s just grace for those who like to shoot.

Through it you will reach a small window, through which you can jump into a pool filled with water, where you need to dive and pull the lever located in the right wall near a small door. The rising water level will allow you to climb onto a hard surface. Next, climb out through the hole into the room where two goblins are discussing culinary issues, and go out into the large corridor.

At the end of the fourth chapter, when you need to prevent the Black Guards from entering the ship, the easiest way is to quickly go down again into the hold and shoot them with a ballista.

How to kill a cyclops without damaging yourself? Easy … but long…
The very first Cyclops – naturally we do as it is said, we hit from the ballista in the eye, it is desirable to hit.
And the rest of the Cyclops are killed with an ordinary bow. We aim at their eyes from cover, so specially in the game there are places where the Cyclops attacks you, there ALWAYS there is a secluded place from which you can shoot at him … Bow … because. You need a lot of arrows to kill him, then either we are looking for an endless quiver of arrows in the game, Or (basically I did this, because I found the quiver only at the end of the game) we shoot from the arrow of a dart frog (or something like that), there are endless arrows in it , but weakly hits … but the amount of it can be overcome (cyclops). I also noticed that wherever the cyclops appears, there is a quiver of arrows next to it … accordingly, not in vain. Magic is useless, I think. Better with arrows. We aim only at the eye … and moreover, when it hits it, it makes a movement with its body so that at a certain moment you can hit the eye again … and more and more and more.
Now I don’t remember all the cyclops … but where you find yourself above the goblins … there are many more rooms … we interrupt all of them … so for example the goblins do not see you from the top … so you can magick a fire bomb right next to them (they stand in a circle) and they will scatter in all directions … then we search everything … we go out into the corridor … we don’t go left until the very end … because the Cyclops will come out there, but we’d better go after turning left to the steps and turn right … go up and kill all the goblins … there will be a red room with a melody like this … and a pool … it cures your life … on the other side there will be a blue room – mana … then we go down back … opposite there is also a staircase … we go up … we look around we rob everything … and just somewhere there is a small tip … from which you can shoot the cyclops.
The third one, like a Cyclops, is near the well (the task to get into the sewer) here it will be difficult … because the Cyclops walks not conveniently … BUT … you are standing under a roof … and he cannot get through it … we just stand and shoot at him … but he moves away (deceptive maneuver) … you run up to him a little … shoot from a bow and again into cover … here I suffered with him for a long time…
The fourth one (whom I remember) is somewhere in the castle of the tunnels … in short, the mission is to free some kind of ghoul … so we shoot that one too … there is a shelter … I don’t remember exactly where it is … BUT be careful! .. Cyclops kicks the graves so that they fly up to the ceiling!…

In general, the bow is very useful in the game … especially when the enemies do not see you … somehow I was having fun … I am standing near the roof … high … and at the bottom there are some guards … so I’m in them with a freeze shot … they run up and slip … but they don’t see me…

I went through the whole game (most of it) with the help of lightning daggers … I used them from the moment they appeared to me until the end of the game … bows-daggers-bows-daggers…

Do not play by walkthrough, because you will not find many game chips!

In the passage, the man got rid of the demoness … and I got lost where I could get rid of her … and in the end I went on like this … But! the final battle was something!
First, under the magic of “refuge”, he ran to the leader and began to knead him with his daggers … he started chatting something … he says, there are two of you (me and the demoness) and he is alone, and he summoned the very dragon that we had kneaded before .. .but already dead … it is not possible to kill him as I understand it … because for 50 minutes I kneaded him from a bow … fiery … and he is strong … (bow) … no way .. But one plus … you knead it and it disappears for a very short period of time … and at this time, while our leader calls him again, his shield disappears (before that, when the dragon flies, he has an impenetrable shield) … This is how we play … we beat the dragon, then one shot at the leader … and when you kill this dragon many times when it appears, its outline becomes clearer and clearer when it is not alive yet … and again !!!! there are so many shelters to beat the dragon and the owner … for example … we climb out onto the balcony … and there are huge columns … we go along the slopes to the left, we hide behind one of the columns and slightly look out we shoot at the dragon .. when he breathes lightning at you … then they don’t even hit you … you just shoot at the dragon like a machine gun … but there is 1 minus … from this position you won’t hit the owner … but perhaps when you knead the dragon a lot and for a long time, his period of time of his absence becomes longer … but I’m not sure.
Watch out for vampires … 1 easy to kill … two difficult … three 0 very difficult … 4- impossible without magic.

One more thing … there is such a trick … I discovered it by accident … I don’t remember where … where it seems to be to look for a coffin … you open a very high door with a lever … you go there … the doors close .. .but there is a lever to open this door … BUT there are already waiting for you behind the door … you can hear it … 2 vampires, 2 guards and 1 sorcerer … BUT !!!! we have a rock climbing bow! and above the door there is a space where, having climbed, you can shoot creatures … and they will not even notice you … or you can use their magic, but it will not work out … very high there…

The game was created on the Half-Life engine, so it can be hacked in the same way, you just need to find certain files. For example: go to the game directory -> open the MM folder -> then the Scripts folder -> well, there we rummage in .txt documents:

The spells.txt document is responsible for the spells (price, strength, reload time, etc.)

The document mm_game_settings.txt is divided into sections responsible for different parameters of the gameplay (the Player section for the general parameters of the player himself, such as the strength of the kick and the number of Stamins spent on it).

In general, knowing English can radically change the whole game and even the behavior of many NPCs.

Chapter 5.
How to kill a cyclops? When he gets out of the wall and walks, kicking stones, you can just climb the stairs to the top, go to the edge of the ledge and wait for him to come up to you, then jump on top of him and hammer him on the head with a sword, daggers, staff, whatever until he gets tired and sits on his knees. After that, we jump down and just stick our sword in his eye and that’s it!

The game has four endings. In the epilogue, sorcerers call skeletons – in order to kill them, you must first deal with the sorcerer.

Spider key

When you kill the leader of the orcs, do not rush to run to Lynn, because the key that you removed from him opens many doors throughout the temple: for example, the hall where you cut many goblins into two floors (in the same place where you can kill the second cyclops). There, on the second floor, there are many doors that open with this key, and behind which there are many potions and other good.

Cyclops tactics

Killing the second Cyclops is elementary. Opposite the place where he appeared, there is a statue – when he comes close, break the mounts and bring down the statue on the cyclops. He will be stunned, will kneel down – at this moment gouge out his eye even with a toothpick. Couldn’t bring down the statue? Run upstairs – there is a corridor where you can see the Cyclops from above. Drop a stone on him to get attention, and then jump on him and chop in the eye. The rest of the Cyclops are easy to kill, turning into a demon – you need to hit the tail several times in the eye to stun them.

Second place to find an endless quiver

When you fix the elevator and start using it, a hole will appear in the wall from the side from which you entered the elevator. We quickly jump into the hole (otherwise you will be rubbed between the elevator and the wall) – there is a quiver and a frozen onion.


Dismount corpses unnoticed so that some monsters (spiders, ghouls, goblins) are distracted by them and pass by them, they do not eat their own kind.

It is not necessary to develop magic in the game. Better to pump a simple weapon. A bow is very useful in many places – it is convenient to shoot from it from above (which gives you less trouble). And from magic, you can only put health restoration. Yes, and forge a sword from a gold bar – it is very good in a furnace (especially, who has vulnerability to fire and not only).

At the beginning of the chapter, you will climb the incline to the area occupied by necromancers and ghouls. When you’ve heroically cleared the area, it’s time to seek secrets! One of them is in a wooden closed corridor at the very beginning of the square. You can get into it in two ways. The first is to climb onto the small balconies by the windows. On the right side (if you stand with your back to the square), the balcony is clearly lower than the others. Well, then everything is simple! Grab the climber’s bow, shoot the adjoining balcony, pull up the rope and jump onto the platform! You can go inside, there is also something there. And now, back to the site and just jump to the extreme on the other side of the site. There is also a window. Voila!

The second way is to go to the fire at the left end of this corridor (just don’t get burned!). In the place we need, the floor is simply boarded up with boards. Break them whatever you want, shoot the climber’s bow and climb up. That’s all!

Lightning shield.

Great thing. Convenient. But it’s hard to find. I found only one, in the chapter The Burning City. After you kill the Cyclops, you go after Percy. Do not go straight to the door he offers. There is a house five meters earlier, the door is not locked. Feel free to enter. Explore everything and everyone, there are many secrets. Then to the second floor, there is the same thing, and then to the balcony. And on the rooftops! Don’t fall! You will soon jump to another accessible house. It is again full of secrets, and on the ground floor there is a shield peacefully hanging by the fireplace! Don’t use it too often, it’s nonsense that it’s indestructible!

I have always enjoyed fighting a giant spider. But for some reason, many of my acquaintances said that they simply did not have time to be treated for his “breathing”. I immediately had a question: “Why ?!” Do not be afraid of poison, boldly poison yourself, and do not think about anything! Shoot the spider with arrows lit with torches. Do not be afraid of the rest of the spiders – they are unlikely to crawl to you – their “mother” falls on them every second, knocking them down. I advise you to finish off, since the fact that the spiders will not pass through the barrier of torches is nonsense!

If you wish, you can save a woman from a spider. When we go out into the cave, there is a blindness hanging in front of us, if we “correctly” hide behind it, then a large spider can be shot from a bow (it does not see and does not release the poison). We also kill a trifle from it. The main thing is not to move.

In the chapter “Burning Blood”, in the hall where there are many goblins and an orc in the cell, which can be freed, – to the right of the camera, jump into the pit with water – at the bottom an indestructible lightning shield is one of the best artifacts in the game !!! To make it easier to get out of the pit, before jumping into it, shoot at the bridge from the climber’s bow.
Develop magic – to a fireball. After knocking down enemies with a fireball, it is easy to finish them off with a piercing weapon.

He scored a large spider very quickly with fire magic (the weakest balls) – you quickly gain adrenaline with them (aim at the spider’s face). I stood with my back close to the wall, immediately upon entering the hall with a spider – its poison did not reach me.

In chapter 5 on the island, in the hall where Paokai will attack you, Lina will tell you to go underground (where the spider’s hole is). You don’t have to fall into the hole, but just turn on a fast run and jump at the end of the abyss. This way you can avoid the spider cave..

The Lightning Shield can be found in Chapter 8:
In the chapter “Fire in Blood” you can find a prison in which an orc sits, and to the right of this cave there is a depression with water. Dive into it! After searching it, you will surely find the Lightning Shield.

It’s elementary to kill cyclops with a bow: shoot – run back, shoot – run back, and so 10 times…

I, passing the game, found 3 Lightning Shields:

Chapter 7: as soon as they appeared, we jump into the water to the left and swim into the hidden cavity, there is the first shield.
Chapter 8: Was Described Above, Goblin Pool.
Chapter 9: as you progress you will see him in one of the houses above the fireplace.
It is almost impossible to kill a warrior armed with the sword “Bloodsucker” and the Shield of Lightning.

General advice: while playing, climb all the holes and crevices, and then there will be no problems with equipment..

A fireball is very useful on the island, because if you blow it up next to an abyss, enemies can fly into it.

The first endless quiver can be found when you have to get out of the spider pit (this is after Pao-Kai, killed by the lattice). So, you climbed, but do not rush to jump into the desired hole, just continue to climb up – climb a small wooden ladder, then shoot from the climber’s bow at the nearest protruding beam (mind you, not the one on which you can stand, the one into which you need to shoot, a little higher), climb up the rope, jump onto a small platform there, then you see a chain at the top, and next to the chain a wooden platform, shoot at the very edge, don’t miss, then climb the rope, then along the chain (be careful with this chain , it is too close to the wall to get stuck). If everything is done correctly, then you have found the Infinite Quiver and ZPV (Potion of Full Recovery).

Advice when fighting a shaman and orc chieftain.
When the battle begins, run away from him and jump on the stone that is near his assistants. As soon as you jump in, shoot from a bow at any orc, the rest, together with the leader, will run away into the opening, then, standing on a stone, we take out a bow and destroy it one by one! It will take about 10 minutes, but you will save nerves, magic and strength!

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