Dark Souls 2: Tip (Transferring saves from one computer to another)

There was a need to transfer the saves of Dark Souls 2 to another computer. As it turned out, the game does not support Steam Cloud, so you need to do everything with handles. Simple file transfer didn’t help. In general, after messing around for a couple of hours, I still found a recipe for happiness on a foreign forum. I post it in case someone has similar difficulties. 

The save file is located at% appdata% \ DarkSoulsII \ {folder with a random name} \ DARKSII0000.sl2. Copy the file from the old computer to the new one (for now, to some temporary location). 

Then, on a new computer, we execute this trivial algorithm:
1) From the folder with saves, delete / back up the existing save, if any.
2) Launch Dark Souls II, start a new game.
3) Exit to the main menu (screen with the items “new game”, “continue” …)
4) Minimize DS and replace the newly created save file with the one transferred from the old computer.
5) Return to DS. trying to continue the created game. Nothing comes out, but the new character is replaced by the old one. Old Persian does not start yet either.
6) Create another new game. 
7) Exit to the main menu again. Now the old save is loaded normally.
8) ???????

The method was tested using licensed Dark Souls II. I did not try to transfer the save with several characters, it is possible that repeating points (2) and (5) the required number of times will work.

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