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January 15, 2020
4 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

DC Universe Online: Crafting Tips

I would like to note right away that this guide is not complete and will be updated as the content is researched, and will rely exclusively on facts verified by the author and members of the League.

So, let’s begin.

After update 8, the quest level 10 Research & Development appeared in the quest log of each player.
It is for rent in the HQ of your faction. You don’t need to complete anything for this quest.

The revard for this quest will be 7 plans (hereinafter – recipes) – 6 purple and 1 green.
Learn them all at once by clicking on them in your inventory.

It was the simplest manipulation, further – more difficult.

With the release of the patch in the locations of Gotem, Metropolis and Central City, such portals appeared

of them 3 types of Exobytes can fall to you at random – red, yellow and blue. From 8 pieces of Exobytes, you can make 1 Exobyte, which is used to create a Stone.

And almost all clothes have multi-colored sockets for inserting Stones. According to the specified information, it is the insertion of the corresponding color of the Stone socket that gives the bonus described below the socket. Also, according to information unverified by me personally, it is possible to insert any Stone of any color into a piece of clothing, regardless of the socket. We are not responsible for the accuracy of this information. It will be checked later.

But wait, what kind of stones, what kind of craft? Let’s get it in order.

Clubs and HQ now have machines for crafting and aunts (maybe uncles, but I prefer aunts) selling recipes and crafting materials.

So what is needed in order to create a stone and insert it into the socket of a thing?
Those 7 recipes that you learned you can see by using the Machine, they are displayed in the Assembly tab on the left.

These are exactly the recipes that allow you to make 1 Exobyte from 8 Exobytes, which is needed to create a Stone.
Now let’s see what it takes to create the simplest stone..

Let’s go to my aunt. She sells Three kinds of recipes – green, blue and purple.

She also sells white junk to craft items.

Recipes are bought and learned by clicking on them with the mouse in the inventory. They appear in the same menu as our main 6 recipes when using the Machine..

To create a simple Stone, as we can see, you need to purchase the appropriate recipe from Aunt, make 1 out of 8 simple Exobytes according to the recipe received for the quest and buy white garbage from Aunt.

Recipes for Stones are bought from Aunt and dropped from bosses in alerts (possibly raids / duos – information is being specified).

Now let’s see what it takes to create a complex Stone..
For example, such.

As we can see, to create such a Stone, we need not 2 components, as when creating a simple one, but as many as 5.

We have already met two of them, now is the time to talk about the Breakdown of Things.

With the release of the patch, almost every thing can be broken. This even applies to purple weapons..
In order to break a thing, you need to use the Machine, go to the Salvaging tab, select an item from the list on the left (be careful, do not unseat the item you need) and click on the Salvage button at the bottom right.

A breakage animation will appear and 1 piece will randomly drop out of the item. So far, I personally have seen 4 varieties of such pieces.
It is these pieces obtained from scrapping things that are needed when creating complex Stones..

So, summing up what you need to do in order to insert reinforcing Stones into your gear.
– farm portals that give Exobytes
– cook from 8 collected Exobytes one needed for crafting
– collect things, break them and get materials for crafting
– knock out recipes for stones in alerts
– buying the necessary white materials from Aunt – the last and most easily obtainable item in the crafting chain.

I would especially like to note that with this patch the role of crafters with a Legendary subscription is increasing, because materials for creating cool stones are sold by Aunt at prices exceeding the premium subscription limit ($ 2000). Join and choose a League that has a crafter who can buy and cook Stones for you.

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