Dead Island: Riptide: Advice (How to add skill branches of other heroes to your character)

In general, I am posting a guide on how to do it all..

I must say right away that this is not quite a mod, otherwise I would just throw off the file.
We will need Save Editor and trainer (I took from the fling).

  1. We start the game, cheat skill points and pump all the necessary skills.
  2. Save and close the game.
  3. We open Save Editor and looking for the preservation we need. In the department “preview” change character (From Parny to Xian, for example).
  4. We go into the game and we have all the pumped skills from the old Persian and new ones are available.
    P.S. To make sure that everything works, you can try to carry out a special attack or look in the skills (previously purchased skills in the description will be white)
  5. You can repeat all points several times..

    Important: this thing is made under license Steam, but should work on pirate too.


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