Divinity 2: Ego Draconis: Tip (Hack for immortality, unlimited mana, points and skills.)

To hack the game you need the Cheat Engine program
1) Start the game
2) Alt + Tab and run Cheat Engine
3) Click on the blinking icon and select the process – Divinity 2
4) In the Scan Type line, select Exact Value, and in the Value Type line, take Flot
5) 3 lines will appear to the right of these two lines, put a tick next to Truncated
6) Back to the game, see how many lives you have and again Alt + Tab
7) In the Value line, write this number and click First Scan and again back to the game
8) Now you need to do something so that the number of your lives changes, after that Alt + Tab, in the Value line we write this number and click Next Scan
9) There should be only one address, click on it twice and below we put a checkmark in front of Frozen and instead of the = sign, put a + sign (to do this, you need to click on the sign twice) and then when the number of health increases, lives will be up to max go.
9.1) If there are more addresses, try point 8 again
9.2) If there are no addresses at all, then you have made a mistake somewhere
The same can be done with mana..
1) If you load the game, then immortality decreases and you have to do it again
2) After you transform into a dragon, there is a high chance that immortality will also subside. So after the appearance of this skill, this cheat becomes ineffective

About skills and points. Since I just decided to crack them last night, I don’t remember which bytes are needed ^ _ ^
Or 4 or 2, try to insert a byte in the Value Type line and then the program should search for all bytes. To hack you need at least 4 points or 4-5 skill points.
1) I advise you to save before starting to hack points and skills
2) You need to distribute 1 point (skillpoin) and press Accept !!! If you just distribute, but do not press Accept, then the cheat will not work
3) I do not recommend placing more than 99 skillpoints, the game may freeze
4) If you set (for example) 50 points and clicked Frozen, then distribute 50 points and click Accept and then you can distribute points again, if you distribute more than 50 points, it will not be counted
Well that’s all

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