Dragon Age 2: Tip (Solving the problem with no sound / voice acting in videos / dialogues.)

I ran away to play … 🙂
Well that’s all. A little effort.
We do this:
If you have headphones, plug them in immediately.
Next: in the configuration (sound) select a special “stereo sound for headphones” and immediately check the “mute dialogs” function, go to the game, start a new one (this may not be necessary). Then, after the first dialogue “I was accepted and better”, exit the game (alt + f4). Come back in. In the options, turn on the dialogues and start a new game. All. The sound appeared.
Maybe you can mute the headphones and play without them. To do this, if the sound is working, go to the main menu of the game, turn off the “special sound for headphones”. Re-enter the game after disconnecting the headphones and connecting the speakers.

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