Dragon Age: Inquisition Tip (How to Wear Heavy Armor on a Mage)

Ever dreamed of making a real battle mage with a sword and heavy armor? AT Dragon age: inquisition – You can do it! Mages are usually portrayed as intellectuals with little muscle mass, which is why they always wear robes, but in the new BioWare game, you can dress your mage in something much cooler. How to get your mage to wear heavy armor in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Remember that although it is possible to put heavy armor on a mage, this does not mean that all armor will suit him. Quite the opposite, most of the armor in the game is still classified and used by Warriors, Rogues or Mages. But, while traveling, you can find rare things that are not bound to a class. This is extremely rare, so one can only hope that someday you will find.

Luckily, there is crafting in Dragon Age: Inquisition! And it is thanks to him that you can dress the Magician with whatever you want. The main component of heavy armor for a mage is the metal Silverite. This is a rare material. It can be obtained during side quests and in an area called the Arbor Wilds. This is the material of the third Tier, and its most important stat is that the creation of armor from Silverite does NOT have class restrictions. This means that by making heavy armor from this material, you can put it on your Mage. 

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear exactly how the armor will look – will it be displayed as another robe on the Mage, or as a real heavy armor on the Warrior? The fact is that in Dragon Age: Inquisition, armor is tripled in such a way that, regardless of its type, on a character of a certain class, it will be displayed in just a couple of variations. For example, if you wear the same armor on Kassandra and Dorian, then it will look like either vanguard armor or a sorcerer’s cape. 

If you make heavy armor from Silverite for the Mage – show a screenshot of how it looks!

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