Drakensang: The River of Time: Advice (Fairy Dust)

I drove the fairy for a couple of hours. As a friend recommended to us in his article, after another call, I collected 7 pollen and sailed to Nadoret. The merchant Castelan appeared there, I sold him the pollen and decided to rob him. And lo and behold, the pollen was in his pocket. Then I tested the circuit with other traders, the result is the same. Pollen can only be sold and stolen once to the same merchant, and before that, the merchant’s pockets must not be emptied by pickpocketing. Collect 20-30 pollen and sell it to anyone you want. Total for 1-2 hours 1000-5000 ducats earnings. The method is not fair, but who wants to redeem all the best equipment and go to the blacksmith’s helmet. Ps. Do not throw slippers at me if something is wrong this is my first article.

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