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July 24, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Dune 2000 tips

Many in battles neglect the infantry. My advice: Don’t neglect her !!! Infantry is a powerful force, although there is a means of limiting it.
The first of these is a trike. Deals well with infantry.
The second is a medium tank. Cope with the infantry in the middle. 🙂
The third facility is the Gun Tower. Deals with infantry just like a medium tank.
The fourth means, and the most dangerous, is the siege tank. Point shot and you can say goodbye to your infantry. if there were 5 infantry in the cage, and he got into it, there is a 999% chance that you will no longer have this infantry. Therefore, when attacking an enemy base on which there are siege tanks, ALWAYS take several kvods with you. And no matter how many infantrymen you have, they will all die.

Unit description
Light infantry. Copes well with his colleagues and grenade launchers. The latter have practically no effect on her..
Grenade launchers. A good choice in the first missions. Cheap and cheerful. Masterfully handles equipment and buildings. Useless against other types of infantry.
Engineer. Very weak armor. It is easy to destroy it even with the help of grenade launchers. Therefore, if you decide to capture the enemy’s base, then launch it there, only when ALL defenses are eliminated. Including towers.
Trike. Useful against infantry.
Kvod. Mandatory in offensive operations. Firstly, it destroys equipment and buildings, and secondly, it distracts the base guards.
Medium tank. Universal unit. It can cope with infantry, vehicles, and buildings. The Harkonen’s tanks are slower than other houses, but the power is higher. Ordos have less shot power, but their tanks are faster. Less is more, meaning in comparison with Atreides tanks.
Rocket tank. Almost the same as the squad, but it also serves as an air defense. True, he does it badly.
Siege tank. Thunderstorm infantry. Fells her outright. Handles buildings well. However, useless against heavy armor found in harvesters.
Harvester. Serves for collecting spice. His armor is easily destroyed by missiles, but machine guns are ineffective against his armor. Has no weapons.
Sonic tank. An excellent weapon of mass destruction. However, unlike Dune 2, if you line them up one after another, then damage will be done to your sonic tanks. His armor is weak and therefore it is not worth leaving him without cover. But when using it, keep in mind: The closer the target is to the sonic, the less damage is inflicted on it. And if the target is close to the sonic, then it does not receive damage at all. And by the way, this is the only salvation from him.
Deviator. In my opinion, the unit is useless. It works very well against the Harkonen though. Captured devastator – drive to the enemy base and destroy it there. This tactic is very good and works in Dune 2 and Dune 2000..
Devastator. A death machine similar to the mammoth tank from C&C: Red Alert. Destroys everything perfectly. if activated as a bomb (double click on it) it self-destructs. Use this when the Devastator is attacked by a lot of enemy units. Bring him closer to them and … WOMAN !!! They are no longer there!
Freeman. The indigenous people of Dune. They cope well with infantry and equipment. They know how to disguise, so that they become invisible to the enemy. Good at intelligence. Produced in the Atreides Palace.
Saboteur. The soldier who is also invisible to the enemy, but his movements can be tracked on the radio location map. Apparently this is a glitch in the game. Extremely fast. Pre-intended for demolition of buildings. If he manages to bypass the guards, and this is still difficult to do, because the invisibility effect is lost if he runs close to an enemy unit or tower. Disposable. Produced in the Ordos palace.
Hand of death. The deadly weapon of the Harkonen. However, in Dune 2000 it is much less effective than, for example, in Dune 2. But here it is not bad either. A definite plus is that neither rocket tanks nor rocket turrets shoot at them, so it is impossible to shoot it down. Weapons of mass destruction. Produced at Harkonen Palace. From there, the aiming is carried out..
Carryl. Light aircraft. Designed to carry harvesters from refinery to spice field and vice versa. Also transfers damaged units to the repair site.
Ornitropter. Manufacturing one by one is not possible. After the construction of the high-tech center at the Atreides, the “air raid” icon appears in the unit panel. When carrying out this raid, three ornithropters are summoned, which bomb the point you indicated as the target of the bombing, drop three bombs each, and strike three times. After that, they recover for a long time. But they are easily knocked down by rocket turrets..
PSD. Mobile Construction Site. Allows you to establish a base at a new location. Very slow. Armor can be destroyed with machine guns.

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