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January 31, 2020
16 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Dungeon Lords: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

Exit and cities of Fargov.
To get out of the city, you need to go to the astronomical monastery, talk to the minister there, and make sure he takes you to the astronomer. She will give the key to the catacombs, in which we will have to find one relic. After we find her and tell her about it, we will be sent to the magician Alistair, he will give a letter to the lord. The lord reads and we go to the second floor of his estate and talk with the maid and the girl in the Fargov hotel, talk to the lord and he takes us out in search of his daughter, we go to the gate and chat with the guards…
ATTENTION! Wait for the characters to agree, otherwise I can’t vouch for the result.

Go to Fargov to the arms and armor merchant. When selling things, sell lockpicks and set their number to the maximum (only if you have 89 of them) = lockpicks remain, but money appears: =)!
P.S. tested on version 1.0

I don’t know about others, but I have such a pretty glitch. When a pharmacy sells all the thieves’ keys in bulk, the pharmacist buys the keys, pays money for them, BUT! All keys remain with me and I sell them countless times. Thus, I always have as much money as I need and I do not hesitate to buy everything I need..

In Arindale we go to the tiger’s house. We agree to follow the path of the tiger and get the quest to save the girl from the hotel from shame. We go to the hotel and receive a quest. We go to the pharmacy and then to the house of the Lords and indict the Fatienne. Now we are being sent to the judgment of the elders. We find ourselves in a room with columns and a malicious elf spirit that shoots from a bow. If you jump along the column to it and wave the sword for 40 minutes on the last column, then we get 700,000 exp, which is buzzing. According to the script, you don’t need to throw it down, but 700 pieces are worth it. The very rule is that if you stand on the column correctly, then he will not shoot and will not reach with a sword. The next monster is the elven attendant). 400000. Castite is a terrible garbage and looks terrible. There are 2 ways. You can get lost for an hour and a half from her and shoot with a bow. Option 2: If you go to close range, for some reason she scores on witchcraft and shoots very quickly. Well, the senior coach for a snack. Swings the sword like a Hongildon warrior with a drill. Or even cooler. But in 20 minutes it dies like everyone else. 700-800 pieces or something. All these monsters can not be brought down, but it is stupid to miss so much experience. After all the washings, we return to the lord and get a new quest. But that is another story.

1. With master keys, such a glitch is everywhere …. This lag works everywhere, but! the number of picks must exceed 70!
2. I have such a lag … When I play as a human sorcerer in Fargroph .. Near Alistair’s magic shop in the portal when I come to him in the portal appears: 2 goblin ballistas, 2 trolls, 2 goblin mages, 6 goblins won, a whole horde rats and snakes and after that simple wars appear. Wars and magicians. Each mage drops: staff, 5 fireballs, 5 Wild stars and 5 Missiles of magic. For all of them they give me about 300 thousand experience….

Real economic glitch.
Pharmacy in the city of elves.
We buy dust (which remains from mummies) and rat tails from the pharmacist. This set (1 piece of one and 1 piece of the other) costs us 33 zlotys (although rat tails should be in bulk anyway). You can buy (for some reason) no more than 10 pieces of one ingredient at a time, although the number of “approaches” is not limited. Having bought, we mix 1 tail + 1 dust (for some reason, it mixes only one at a time, but for free), we get the spell “Rats”. We sell this spell right there in the pharmacy for over 700 PLN. The number of attendants at the pharmacist is also infinite, that is, she buys spells in any quantity.
This is the profitability! 😉
In 5 minutes, you can safely “hammer” thousands of PLN 200.

I found that you can push scrolls to any merchant, as long as there are a lot of them, you sell them, they don’t leave, but they give money, that’s such a zagagulina.

Also in the west to Arindeil there is a tower, there you need to put a candle of stars.

Pharmacy in the city of elves.
We buy dust (which remains from mummies) and rat tails from the pharmacist. This set (1 piece of one and 1 piece of the other) costs us 33 zlotys (although rat tails should be in bulk anyway). You can buy (for some reason) no more than 10 pieces of one ingredient at a time, although the number of “approaches” is not limited. Having bought, we mix 1 tail + 1 dust (for some reason, it mixes only one at a time, but for free), we get the spell “Rats”. We sell this spell right there in the pharmacy for over 700 PLN. The number of attendants at the pharmacist is also infinite, that is, she buys spells in any quantity.
Such is the profitability!

Do not forget to visit the portal in Fargrove, otherwise, when the city is closed, you will not be able to get inside to get info for the main quest.

In addition to the “pharmaceutical” glitch. Immediately after the first exit from the fargroves, we go to the skulldun. There you can do several things for a comfortable passage of the game in the future. First, we buy from a shaman (sitting in a hut behind the arena) the most expensive hellish spell (for which there is enough money, but at least leave a thousand gold). We buy ingredients for him (from the same shaman – he has an amazing selection!), Mix – we get a lot of profit. On a 6th level spell (baal’s blade), having bought 50 of each ingredient, and spending a lock of 10’000, I received 300’000. Repeat until your greed calms down.
Second. We buy a sword of light in the fortress from the beast. Steering piece for a beginner – damage 4-10, double against ghouls (according to observations), requirements are not very brutal. I haven’t parted with him for a long time.
Third. Here, after gaining the blades of the baal and buying a sword of light, we swing experience (now there is a lot of money, and spending 500 gold for a fight is not a problem). We buy a ticket for 500, and we go to bring down the minotaur into the arena. Do not forget to apply the baal blade, otherwise the minotaur has a real chance to overwhelm you :). We get 30’000 experience for each. Repeat until the minotaur is very easy to knock down. We buy all the recipes for hellish spells from the shaman, and on the way, complete quests and not deny ourselves the pleasure of buying whatever you want in stores.

1. We earn money: The path of the magician of the 1st quest is required. Trade 6, influence 25. In the first location the magician will have access to “Exploding Star”, “Fiery Star”. We buy “Fiery Star” for 6000, sell for 9000, in a few minutes of manipulation you can earn a couple of million.
2. Places for free pumping, as they become more complex: the arena in Skaldub (in fact, as soon as you are given the opportunity to escape from the city, run to Skaldub to the arena, it is better to spend a couple of hours there, but then there will be sugar and butter), the court of elders – stand on the bridge after extinguishing one seal (you need any enhancement of the blow, for example, “Divine Blow” and of course, minzurki), Castle Fatienne – closer to the fireplace, the altar on the island of moon lions, the sorcerer’s house in forbidden lands (in these cases, the hayfield “Exploding Star “, in spite of the fact that it is weaker than the fiery one, but it recharges quickly and is very effective against any crowd starting from the 9th level of pumping), and of course the dragons are in the northwest of Arindale (you need a” lightning strike “, stand in the inaccessible zone).

In heavenly magic there is a spell “Slow Time” (a la Max Payne), which slows down the entire playing time, which brings a lot of some interesting “usefulness”:

1. you can study the enemy’s movements as you like and as much as you like (as long as there are enough charges) and build a “battle pattern” yourself, bringing your attacking and defensive actions to perfection.
2.open locks even at 10% chance
3.In some game moments, where you need to jump while managing to land at the right time and in the right place…

P.S. followed the ninja, in the final part the opponents managed to get the current on the back of the neck, sometimes immediately deadly.
Hand crumbles honed steel!

Speaking of birds, if you sail north from Arindale, there is a wonderful islet with blue lions. For each left, they give 21,000 experience (which is not so little), there is also a certain structure on the island, so if you set the number of opponents to the maximum and go into this structure (and the lions are stupid and do not come to you), then in 30 minutes you can earn 500,000 experience. Well how?

If in the old save you have died a bunch of times, and now they are not pumped up – start a new game, level up, create a LAN server for the hero in a network server, select the hero from the new game, and save the old inventory, hero statistics – with the new one, tasks will be combined.

1. First, I recommend setting the frequency of meetings “rarely”. As soon as you feel that you can deal with enemies without straining, bet “medium”. It makes sense to bet “often” only if you want to quickly “pump”.
2. For pumping, it is convenient to use places where you can safely kill opponents, remaining almost inaccessible for them. An example of this would be two very convenient places in the sewer. When you go up to the second floor, you will find two “holes”. Falling in them, you will find small wells. Basically, jumping into them, you will find yourself on the first floor. But if you do not jump and set the frequency of meetings to the maximum, you can safely shoot as much experience as you want.
3. It is noticed that monsters do not like places “spoiled by urbanization”. They do not enter the gates of fortresses, the rune workshop, etc. But at the same time they calmly attack you on the moon bridge. Nevertheless, using many structures, you can quite calmly fire at monsters without a ranged attack..
4. The problem with money can be solved at the expense of the lower kataals. Buy ocher pollen, Grinnich root and bat wing at the pharmacy, mix them into the “Suppressive Cloud” spell and get a cash increase of approximately 2.7 times.
5. Use a shield more often in battle. It helps deal with arrows and many ranged attacks.
6. I recommend that you learn how to use the “quick menu” as soon as possible and configure it as conveniently as possible.
7. To open traps, I recommend using the following trick. We get up to the trap sideways at the maximum distance. We are signing up. We break / de-mine. If a jet of flame escaped, we run away. With a little training, you can avoid damage altogether. If a “faster” spell breaks out – read until you get the desired trap. Thus, you can clear almost any trap, and you do not need thieves’ skills..
8. Fire lizards are convenient to shoot from a distance with a bow. Experimentally determine the distance at which you will fall into the reptile, but it will not answer you. The experience gained more than compensates for the time costs.
9. When tested by elven spirits, try to kill all the creatures with which you have to deal. It is especially easy to kill the first spirit that prevents you from jumping on the pillars. To do this, it is enough to jump to the last pillar and hit it with a melee weapon. He won’t answer. As a result, more than 650,000 experience in your pocket.
10. If you are using a medium weapon, I recommend buying this sword after passing the first quest of the warrior guild. Very useful and fast weapon.
11. Large groups of enemies are conveniently “cut” by doors. Moreover, they can damage enemies and even kill them! But, ATTENTION, if the murder occurs only with a door, you will not get experience, so it is best to harm the enemy with a door and finish it off with your own efforts.
12. If you have chosen the “forceful” method of opening traps in the early part of the game, I strongly recommend that you undress before opening. The clothes that will be on you do not save you from magic, but at the same time they deteriorate.
13. In the Fargrove sewers and in the abandoned theater, you can open quite a few boxes and chests. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the things you want by rewriting. The contents of each box and chest are conditionally random. That is, if a sword fell out, it means that you can pull out a variety of weapons from this box, if there is armor. then get the right armor, and if a kataal or a scroll, try to get a book or a magic crystal!

Part 4 is especially effective for making money. And if you also have a little trading skills, then without leaving the Fargrov pharmacy you can become VERY rich 🙂

If you need a lot of experience in a relatively honest way, we do this:
At the gate at the exit from Skaldun you can see the logs that support the gate. You need to stand with your back to them and (if your “acrobatics” skill is fifth or higher) make three or four jumps back. When you find yourself on the fence, in the options, set the frequency of the meeting to “often” and the difficulty to the maximum, here the monsters will not reach you!

If you have been given a sleep spell or you are paralyzed, then press the hero status (C by default) and wait for it to pass. Life is also being restored at this time!

I recommend everyone to start as a warrior. Then we get the opportunity to become an adept. The further growth of a warrior into a marader (naturally, we go into the gunmaker and are interested in training), and an adept into a palladin leads to the fact that it becomes possible to wield both dual weapons and heavy weapons and armor. In the end, we arrange a marauder into a lord of death, turning a palladin into a crusader is not effective, and the transformation of a marauder into a lord of death is lost. So you own most of the game’s weapons without penalty.
And by the way, it is worth climbing into the Ghost Ruins only after the Temple of the Druids. Because the Lord of Shadows have weapons too powerful and their shields disintegrate very quickly! There is only one way out – the Shield of Retribution, and it is located in the Temple of the Druids.

We start playing for the elf, we run to Arendale. We go into the armory. There we talk, we talk. Click on the gold line. The elf invites us to buy a fiery sword. And you have to pay a deposit for him. There are two advantages here. Firstly, the weapon is bomb, the damage is like a sword of light, but the blow adds one less, but after hitting the enemy, fire flows. And second, this is the best way to get rich. When we give the sword to the elf, he returns the money, and endlessly! Returns 2000. Just click on the line, and we have + 2000.

We go to the local network and put the save (if any). In Skaldun, near the shaman, there is a lot of evil spirits – there you should fight with a fiery serpent. However, you do not need to kill him, it is enough to cause significant damage. Then we save again, just not in the place where you fought with the reptile, exit the game, set the local network, load the last saved character in the network game and activate the save, where the snake has few lives, – voila, two hundred thousand in your pocket.

In addition to lockpicks and scrolls, you can also sell heavenly magic (any, but at least 10). If you pump athletics by 4, then you can easily jump out of Skaldum to the Forbidden Lands along the pillars.

Do you want to earn as normal? The old lockpick trick makes little money, there is a better way. The main thing is to have trade on the second level and a special merchant’s coat of arms, either after the first missions, or later. You need to find merchants who have runes. First, we buy, say, 10 runes and sell them back, from this we already get a profit. Then we buy the same 10 a couple of times and sell again, etc..
P.S. But not at the grimlock, this greedy devil rips off in full!

When we in Rentili go to the House of the Tiger, take the quest and go to the House of Lords and talk to Fatien, then we pass the “check”. There will be a blue elf, we climb on the columns and fight with him, but do not kill, leaving him with few lives. Then we save and go to the main menu, then go to the local game (network) and load the last saved character and load the place with the elf (who has few lives). We kill him and again we are saved, just not where the same elf with a small number of lives is. Again we go to the main menu and the local game (network), load the last character and an elf with a small number of lives, kill him, save. Voila, 700,000 in your pocket.

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