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May 28, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Dungeon Lords: Tip (windowed mode with mouse running)

After hard fiddling with the settings, D3DWindower-English was able to achieve a windowed game mode with a working mouse.
– Unpack the D3DWindower-English archive wherever your heart desires
– Run D3DWindower-English.exe
– Click “+” and select your dlords.exe (it will appear in the list)
– Select it and press the “Settings” button
– In the “Common” tab:
1) Height: 800
2) Width: 600 (some kind of “smart” translator confused them in places)
3) Check the box “Use Background Resize”
4) Optionally, you can check the “Use Windowed Mode” and “Show FPS” checkboxes to show the FPS in the title.
– In the “Window Mode” tab, leave a check mark only on “DirectX8-9 (Direct3D)”
– In the “Foreground Control” tab, uncheck all the boxes
– In the “Direct Input” tab, check the boxes only for “SetCursorPos” and “GetCursorPos”!
– Click “OK”
– Double click on the name of the game in the list to launch the game.

After the game starts, collapse and expand it – this will allow the window to take on the desired size (800×600). Now, if in the game you had a resolution of more than 800×600, go to the game settings and set the resolution to 800×600 to display the window correctly and restart the game.
After each launch of the game through D3DWindower-English, do not forget to minimize and unfold the game.

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