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April 13, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Dungeon Siege 2: Tips and Tactics for the Game

I want to share my achievements in the game. firstly, when people in the city of dryads (airulane) ask for your squad, hire them, but remember that the squad can consist of 4 people – you and 3. I hired Lothar (swordsman), Deru (archer) and Taar (nature magician) and thus I got that each member of the squad was strong and improved in one skill: Lothar in melee, Deru in long-range, and Taar in nature magic, but I chose combat magic for myself. By the way, Taar has the ability to turn into gold the things that you received after you killed the demon, you can also turn things that are not needed into gold by throwing them out of your backpack..
Well, of course, without the codes: drlife-invulnerability and quhba-kill instantly, it seems to me that it is simply not possible to fight with a bunch of demons (first press “Enter” then + then enter the code. This site contains several more codes for the game, but I have they don’t work. These two codes are tested and will help 100%.

In the “Desert of Azunites” level, there will be an additional mission “Family Jewel” if you find the master in the dungeon! He will tell you about the crypt and the battle-statue guarding the jewel. Will give a hint_ the motto of the family: “War relentlessly pursues people, the absence of peace always breeds evil.” You walk through the desert and find a cave with a statue, if you are mistaken with a riddle, he sends 2 demons and you need to defeat them.
ANSWER TO THE GUARDIAN’S RIDDLE: The spirits come to the guard in the following order: Azunaya, Xeria, Elandira, Zaramot. The guard will open the door, take the treasure and give it to the master. Advice: even if you know the answer to the riddle (prompted by me !!!), make a mistake 4 times – you can defeat the guardian demons 4 times and get good things!!!

In the level “Temple of Xeria”, where you need to kill the trilisk (monster with 3 heads) protecting the shard, hit the 2nd head first – Verius seems to be because it heals other heads and you will fight the beast in this situation for a long time and tedious!!!

Finala can repair broken lifts, you just need to select it and go to the lift.
Amren can launch lifts from the ring of mushrooms, you just need to select it and go to the lift.

Sometimes an inscription appears below that you have been robbed, and a small monster appears next to it, without a name and level 100. If you start to beat him, then various rare and unique things will fall out of him..

It is best to create a human hero. A universal race, all classes are suitable for it, and even two skills are immediately given.
In fact, the game can be played without any codes. The main thing is that you have all the classes in your team (at least during the first playthrough. Then you can experiment and create, for example, a team of magicians.), Then you can effectively resist any opponents, since they have very different weaknesses.
And further. Try to complete all the secondary tasks that are offered to you. The reward for them can be very good..

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