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July 28, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Enter the Gungeon: Advice (Description of the Shrines)

In addition to many other items in the Weapon, we can stumble upon Sanctuaries – interactive statues that will give us something in return for certain offerings. Here are some of them:

Shrine of Ammunition – replenishes ammo, but causes Curse

Sanctuary Angel – for one life slot, increases damage, but also causes Curse

Dummy Shrine – for a dummy blown up next to him materializes a chest

Shrine of Trials – after interacting with him, the player will have to reflect three waves of enemies; reward for victory – chest

Sanctuary-Dice – gives two random (often mutually annihilating) effects – good and bad

Sanctuary-Peace – heals the player in exchange for the weapon that he holds in his hands

Sanctuary Y.V. (a reference to the game Nuclear Throne) – for 10 credits, it gives a chance of additional quick shots that do not consume ammunition. Each use costs 10 credits more and increases the effect

Cleansing Sanctuary – removes Curses

Sanctuary of Deal with the Devil – in exchange for one life slot, replenishes ammo and increases damage

Enter the Gungeon: Advice (Description of the Shrines)
  • 1 – Sanctuary of Ammunition,
  • 2 – Sanctuary Angel,
  • 3 – Dummy Sanctuary,
  • 4 – Shrine of Trials,
  • 5 – Sanctuary-Dice,
  • 6 – Sanctuary-Peace,
  • 7 – Sanctuary
  • Y.V. The rest are hidden deep in the bowels of the Weapon

A curse – an unpleasant thing, after receiving it, enemies appear in the game, for each attack they take away a whole life instead of half. In addition to the Sanctuaries, the Curse can be awarded to a cursed object (to remove it, just throw it away), a mirror we broke, theft from the Store or the use of an artifact Spice (a reference to “Dune”) more than once. But the cursed character can enter the Demon face (a door that looks like a green demon with a wide open mouth) and enter the store with unique items.

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