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September 15, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Europa 1400 / The Guild: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

Well, certainly not codes, but you can cheat.
From the beginning of the game we choose the profession “priest”. We make a confession there and then sell this church. When the church is sold, learn to be another one. The trick is that when you have violated some laws, you can pay not in money, but AP (very good if you have learned to be a thief.

You can profitably play on the difference in prices in the market.
We expand the warehouse to the maximum, go to the market and buy those whose cost is lower than usual and after waiting a year we sell.

If you capture thieves’ dens, then sell, and then capture and sell again, you can get a lot of money.

The best thing, as I know, is to hire a master in your institution, and when he makes you money, YOU will spend it. But don’t forget that you must grant rights. I highly recommend being a perfumer. I became the Head of the Guild and Perfumers and the Burgamister.

Your best bet is to be a Graveyard Keeper. Because you can earn a lot of dough at the very beginning of the game. Here’s how it is done: you get a graveyard, they start paying you money for graves ($ 400-660), labor is free, and all the goods (all sorts of bones, shrouds and skulls) are collected by workers. Already in the second year, you are guaranteed citizenship, plus a bunch of all sorts of bells and whistles related to pumping, as well as any grave to choose from for free.
P.S. Drink FAUSTA drinks (10-12 pieces) and then you won’t be afraid of death.

Better to start the game as a thief. First, we download our guys, then we send them to steal wallets. It is better to marry immediately at the beginning of the game, otherwise when we die we will not have heirs and we will lose. I advise you not to take work with the purchase of raw materials and the sale of finished products, all this is difficult and not profitable.

How to develop in the early stages.
1. We start the game as a thief.
2. We swing our guys to the maximum (maximum – 6 stars) for cunning and battle.
3. After that, IMMEDIATELY send our thieves to steal.
4. Received the status of a citizen? Start a political career.
P.S. It is advisable to intensively develop your skills during this time..
5. Take an old and rich bride (she will give birth anyway).

Now you have 3-4 thousand gold, pumped thieves and an income of 2 thousand gold.

If you send your students or even with the manager to steal by the end of the day, then the next morning everyone will definitely bring money.

In order to make money on changes in prices on the market, it is not necessary to increase the warehouse and carry goods here (1. while you bring the goods from the warehouse to the market, the price may decrease, 2. on the way, the cart with the goods can be attacked, 3. the carts break from this). It is enough to buy at least one large cart and send it to the market and keep it there.

There is a way to live very happily ever after, but it takes a lot of perseverance and desire..
1) If you are rich (or not rich), you can safely go to the market in the department of perfumes, jars, bottles and other booze and stock up on Faust’s elixirs. Instructions for use: drink every turn, there is a chance that vitality will increase, which accordingly increases life (the elixir may not work, but we do not despair and continue to use this drink).
2) Wealthy widower. Instructions for use: we take a woman, you can have a grandmother (not necessarily), the main thing is that the monetary state is from 100,000 to infinity and … we go crazy, we marry, we have children … to you.

The most important thing in the game is to capture as many buildings as possible at the beginning of the game and build up all the free space with your factories. Quick enrichment tactics:
1. We make goods of one name.
2. We bring them to the market and sell them at the highest price (it needs to be monitored during the previous moves), after a big sale, the price drops to a minimum for half an hour or an hour, at this moment we need to buy the leftovers back into the cart and in the next move make the same commodity – by the end of the day or by the middle, the price will again reach a maximum. The sale must be carried out at a time.
Carts should be sent to the market when 80% of the maximum price is reached, otherwise, when they are on the market, prices may already begin to collapse.
This strategy is best when owning 2 or more factories of the same profile, after the end of the trading day, immediately build a new factory, do not spend money on moving to the next level – this should be done when there are no free places for building. By the end of 1425, the daily profit will be around 30,000.

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