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July 7, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

F1 2010: Tip (Increase top speed)

In order to increase the maximum speed and bypass all rivals on straight lines as standing ones you need:
1. In the gearbox settings, set all ratios to maximum.
2. In the settings of the wings (both rear and front), select 1.
3. In the suspension settings, select the height 1.
4. You can also choose in the braking settings: pressure – low and then you will enter the turn at a higher speed, and therefore overtake rivals on braking and pass it faster. (but this is only for those who prefer braking assistance, for everyone else the best setting would be “high”).
These settings are especially helpful on high-speed tracks such as Monza, Melbourne, Montrea, Yeongam, São Paulo, Shanghai, and at Spa gives 2-3 seconds advantage per lap, even over the top teams, on the rest about 1 second.

P.S. No. 1. Stability (downforce) when cornering does not deteriorate much.
P.S. No. 2. Choose the main rival, the rider from the team from which you would like to get a contract, having overtaken him twice, you get him (the contract).

Good luck to everyone on the track, in battles with the titans of motorsport!

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