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January 22, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Fable 3: The Council (Location of the Dwarves)

Dwarfs – 2
1) If you go down to the docks and turn to face the city, then you will see a gnome sitting high on the far left house. It is located between this house and the next one on the right, near the second floor window..
2) Go down the path from the guardian demon and keep to the left. The gnome will be above the arch on one of the houses, just be guided by his cry.

New Bowerstone Castle
Dwarfs – 2
1) Use the map to teleport to the castle. Once there, go left after the big staircase, then turn right and head downstairs to the kitchen. Leprechaun on a wooden shelf above a large barrel.
2) He stands on the bird’s pool, in the corner of the garden. Exit the castle through the kitchen and look to the left. Here comes the gnome.

New Bowerville City
Dwarfs – 3
1) The gnome under the bridge on the way to the market. It is inside a small arch in the wall. You will need to go down under the bridge to find it..
2) When you open access to the pie factory during the quest “Animal Freedom”, look for it in the cage under the entrance to the factory.
3) Go to the bridge closest to the docks. There is a large brick building to the west of the bridge. There’s a little brat sits high on the wall of this building.

New Bowerville Market
Dwarfs – 3
1) Not far from the New Bowerville City exit there is a staircase that leads to the city wall. Gnome in the alley, in the corner a little further than the stairs.
2) Not far from the exit to New Bowerville City, there is a staircase that leads to the city wall. When you climb it, head south towards the prison. You will see gnova up on the wall.
3) Go through the house to the left of the pub. Gnome in the backyard, to the right of the door.

New Bowerville Old Quarter
Dwarfs – 2
1) Find the house of the spots (it’s best to just use your map). After you find him, and understand where you are, you will find a gnome on the right side of this house..
2) Go through the main square with shops in the old quarter. Turn left at the end of this road and the gnome will be on the wall of one of the houses. Look for a small staircase, the house to the right of it (near the city wall).

Dwarfs (3)
1) The house located below the Egg House (behind the stone bridge), there you will find a gnome. He’s on a pipe about the middle of the house.
2) It’s easy. It’s inside Brian’s house, to the right of the Academy. Go inside and you will see him high on the wall.
3) Look for the house “Roughness of Shurshunchikov”. The gnome on the stones behind him.

Dwarfs (1)
1) After the revolution, return to the castle and enter the catacombs. Go to the First Tunnel and you will find it on the right (almost immediately).

Dwarfs (1)
1) You can find the cloaca at the Wubbla-Fuddleback-Glimborg mansion across the street from the orphanage. Go through the tunnels until you find a second dead end. You should see the gnome quite high up on the wall of this dead end.

Frozen breath caverns
Dwarfs (2)
Frozen Breath Caverns are located in the Chmarska Valley
1) The best way to find them is to go to the Demon’s door and look back. Walk back as you came and right up the hill. Just keep to the right. Eventually you will cross the bridge and find a cave to your left. It is important to keep to the right. Dwarf immediately after entering, at the top of the stalactite.
2) You will need to enter the caves from the side of the monorail station (across the lake from the fort). Once in place, look for ice to see a gnome standing on top of a stalagmite.

Chill Cave
Dwarfs (2)
1) After entering the cave, follow the path to the waterfalls. You should see the gnome on the rocks by the waterfalls.
2) On the way through the cave there will be a path that goes around a heap of stones. It’s in the southwest corner (if that helps). As you walk around these stones, you should hear him teasing you. Look behind the rocks on a small branch just off the main path to find it.

Rafting island
Dwarfs (2)
The island will only become available after completing the “Restoration” quest in the Mill Fields
1) Look for a detached island in the farthest corner of the map from the entrance. He’s on this island.
2) You will find this gnome on a small house in the center of several trees. This is near a small group of houses known as Coastal Robin Communes (on the completely opposite side of the map from the island of the first dwarf). You will see a path from this community. Just follow it to find it.

Free camp
Dwarfs (1)
1) Start from the exit towards the Chmarskaya Valley. Walk down and over the bridge, and then head right up the hill. Follow the path to the left and you should hear him yell at you. Go down towards the wagon and look to the left to see it on the distant stones.

Dwarfs (2)
1) Go to the wreckage of the monorail carriage. Once in place, you should hear him teasing you. Look at the lamppost to see it hanging there (this is before crossing the bridge).
2) Turn around to face the entrance to the arena (as you enter it) to find it high on the left.

Mercenary camp
Dwarfs (1)
1) After the quest “Dwarfs are evil!”, Return to the mercenary camp. Go to the back area of ​​the Chmarsk Valley exit to find the gnome standing on top of the water tower..

Mill fields
Dwarfs (3)
1) The best way to find this gnome is to enter from the Bowerstone Market. Walk past the monorail station and keep to the right for mining there. You will pass by the Pepper Cave and find it on the rocks on the right side.
2) After the first gnome, go up the hill and right. You will eventually cross the bridge. After this bridge, turn left and you will hear him shouting at you from the ruins on the right. He’s high in these ruins.
3) From the entrance to the Trickster mansion, go down the stairs and turn right. See the little bastard in the corner on the right.

Chmarskaya Valley
Dwarfs (3)
1) Next to the Demon’s door, you will see what looks like a frozen waterfall (these are actually doors). He’s on top of that door, don’t miss him.
2) It is next to the silver key. Go to the monorail station and go up the hill on the right side. He is at the top of this hill.
3) Go down from the Demon’s Door to a place on the map where there is a bunch of all kinds of tools and junk (shovels, boxes, tables, etc.). Once there, look from the edge of the cliff to see it on the rocks on the right side..

Dwarfs (2)
1) Walk from Fort to two roads converging together. You will notice ruins with arches. This gnome can be found on the back of these ruins (this is before the graveyard)
2) To the Demon’s door. Turn around. Now go straight through the entire city to the farthest sewer tunnels. Dwarf on the rocks to the right of these sewer tunnels.

Dwarfs (1)
1) There is a wooden chest in a row of five tombs. The gnome is there. He is between the third and fourth tombs.

Dwarfs (2)
The door to the vault is located in the Yasnodolsk Academy.
1) Walk across the moving platforms until you see a ladder leading down. Note the column on the right. He is behind her.
2) Dive into the water and follow the path with large pillars. You can find the gnome on the wall to the right of the vault.

Palace of Crumbling Sands
Dwarfs (1)
The palace can be found in the quicksand. Walk right from the entrance to the city of Aurora.
1) In the second room of the oasis, you will find him hiding high on the wall. You can get into it from under the bridge.

Dwarfs (1)
The drains are in New Bowerville City
1) You will have to enter the drains through the entrance under the tap (the easiest way to do this is to start the quest with the search for the ring). Turn left as soon as you can and go straight. Through a room with a crack in the wall. There you will find a gnome stuck in a grate.

Dwarfs (3)
1) Teleport to quicksand and he will be on a pillar immediately to your left.
2) Immediately after finding the first gnome, jump down to the right. The road to the crumbling sands palace is a narrow canyon. Follow it and find a gnome on the left side of the wall, right in front of the cave entrance..
3) Follow the path that leads to the large stone arch (from the exit from Aurora). Dwarf high on the rock to the left.

Silver pines
Dwarfs (2)
1) Outside the mine, you will see a bunch of tall wooden stands. A gnome on top of one of them.
2) You need to go to the cemetery to find this Gnome. It is a little behind the crypt, on the path that turns right. Look at the wooden tower to find it.

House of the Setting Sun
Dwarfs (1)
1) Find the House of the Setting Sun. The gnome sits on the stones to the right of the house.

Hidden path
Dwarfs (4)
1) Once you enter the hidden path, look to your right. He’s on the rocks.
2) This Gnome is located quite far after the first, again on the rocks. Below the entrance to the Riddle.
3) As you climb the stairs after you find the second gnome, several enemies will attack you. Look at the stone structure, the gnome stands on top of it.
4) This gnome is inside the Riddle. After you get to the third room, look for him in the niche opposite the entrance.

How to get into the “Riddle”:
The door to the Riddle is below the last staircase on the hidden path (right)
Once inside, make sure to wear a fireball glove.
In the first room, you must light unlit torches to open all the doors. Each torch corresponds to the room closest to it (on the left, the torch opens the left door, etc.)
Move to the second room (directly in front of you) and you will see three colored platforms.
Click them in the following order: yellow, blue, yellow, red, blue, red, blue, red.

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