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December 30, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Fallout 2: Hint: Vault 13 Fast Track

Every Chosen One sooner or later reached the sacred thirteenth. He got there, often already a seasoned wanderer of the desert, who had seen not a single villain in his life and who had destroyed many people. But there is an opportunity to get there directly from Arroyo. Apparently, on the inspiration of spirits and with the help of the miracle grass Hakunin. 🙂

There are three, or rather two and a half, main paths leading to Vault 13:

1) Talk to Sheriff Dumont, find out that NCR President Tandy needs help with Vault 15, talk to her and agree to solve the problem with the squatters. Upon arrival in Squat, everything is according to the knurled scheme: free Rebecca’s daughter, take the key to the elevator, go down, there or interrupt everyone, or introduce yourself as “umm … Pathom”, and download data on the thirteenth Vault.

At the same time, it is best to speak with Dumont immediately after coming to the New California Republic, because if you play an evil character and kill the rangers, you can only get the sheriff to send away.

But if the Chosen One was deprived of intellect (4 and below), then there will be no problems, the sheriff will send to Westin, and there they themselves will translate the chusen’s bleating and whining..

2) Talk to the sheriff, go to Westin, find the drunkard Saltbifra, who lives in the house right next to the entrance to the ranch. To bang with him a bottle of moonshine, find out about his adventures and a picture, go to a local healer (not the one with cyberps and funny serums, but to another who lives opposite the habologist), buy a picture, take a closer look at it, and find a map on the back … Then you can steal your hard-earned hundred thousand from the doctor.

2.5) If you have a high level of the Drifter skill (100% or more), then on the instructions of Westin in the pasture you can go after the claws of death and get into the thirteenth Vault. In this case, the stones on top of the location will disappear, and a green transition grid will appear in their place.

But our path is different, it is less thorny and does not require special skills..

First you need to go to New Reno and buy “something special” in the Armory for 3000 post-apocalyptic bucks, or, if it’s a pity to part with such a sum, find a voice module in the Vault City Vault on the second level in the second room from the bottom. However, to obtain the module, you need to open the door (it is desirable to have the Lockpick skill of about 70% and / or an electronic master key). This pick can be found no earlier than in Reno, so why make extra hooks?

If you are really strained with money, and dangling between cities is dangerous for an untrained Persian, then you can simply take an electronic master key and boldly go to NKR.

Further, the path to NKR, to Westin, where you need to take a quest to protect the brahmins, then on assignment you should walk to the pasture. On the spot, you should take a closer look at the upper right corner of the map, where the collapse you can see the green transition grid.

If you hover the cursor, it will show that it is impossible to get there, but we are stubborn, so we boldly click the cursor behind the stones, the Chosen One runs off somewhere beyond the edge of the map, and – VOIL! – hits the net, and here you are in a cave, further along which there is a door with the number 13.

In the Vault itself, if there is an extra voice module in the inventory, we repair the computer (apparently this computer is the consequences of the Overseer’s mutation and its overgrowth with additional devices), if there is only a master key, then boldly break open the door to the warehouse, take the GECK, parts of NavKom and other goodies, and boldly leave there, since the deathclaws are not upset about the loss of things and do not rush at the hero.

There is one nuance of this method of entering the Vault – it is not displayed on the map, so it was necessary to take the voice module with you. Those. after leaving the Vault, there will be just a cage with mountains on the map, and you will get to the Vault again only by official means. Or, if you press the number “6” at the entrance to the NKR, you will again get to the pasture, and there you already know how to get through.

This method is absolutely not affected by the characteristics of the character, the main thing is to get to the NKR, bypassing enemy bullets.

Only in this location Chuzen has the opportunity to practice … rock climbing. You can practice mountaineering, you don’t even need a rope. Perhaps some of the Brahmins did not die at the hands of the deathclaws, but simply curious animals fell down …

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