Fallout 4: Advice (Adding Workbenches, Chem Lab and Stove to the “Main Base”)

Hello !
 The “main base” is a rather dull kennel, there is no regular opportunity to equip it. Bethesda did come to its senses and added the ability to equip the Main Base in one of its patches, but I know that many gamers do not install patches for fear of new glitches and loss of compatibility with old savegames. Also, many people use compressed textures, and patches will replace them. I found a way to add chem lab, stove, etc. through the console.
Please note that to use the console, your computer must have an English layout by default.

1. We go inside the house.
2. We stand where there is more space.
3. Open the console and write there player.placeatme 001865b9
 4. A slab will spawn nearby. We do not interact with the stove (in short, do not touch the stove)
5. We enter the construction mode (by default, hold Alt)
 6. Select the stove (by default on E) and put where necessary.
7. Exit the construction mode
 Now the stove can be used, household equipment is common

 In the same way, you can add:
Chemical laboratory player.placeatme 001487C1
Weapon workbench player.placeatme 17b3a4
Workbench for normal armor player.placeatme 12ea9b

All workbenches are connected by one common inventory for the base.
P.S. I tried to add a station for power armor in this way, so it is added, but it remains hanging in the middle of the room and cannot be interacted with in any way

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