Fallout: New Vegas: Tip (Hacking Skill Points / Attributes with CheatEngine)

Found an easy way to hack skill / attribute points using CheatEngine.

1. We start a new game, distribute the characteristics. What and how is not important.

2. We run away from the Goodsprins to the distance at which the character’s choice appears. Click “change character characteristics”.

3. Scroll down to the attributes. At the very top we see the line – “points are distributed – 28/ 33 “. This number, at the moment 28, and we will search. In CheatEngine, by the” byte “type, we filter out after decreasing / increasing characteristics. Freeze by 28. Increase all characteristics, except luck..

4. The situation is similar with attributes. First, we gain experience to the next level. On the characteristics screen, we will see the number of points to be distributed. You need to search for the remainder, i.e. already allocated points. We distribute 10 pieces, look for “byte”, Find the final number, change to 1, freeze. We bring all the attributes to 100, except for the last one. We increase the energy weapon to 86, after which we defrost the value in CheatEngine, and now we bring the rest to 100.

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