Field of Glory: Empires: Tip (Changing the parameters of Rome at start)

CheatEngine and Artmoney do not hack game parameters.

There are no codes for the game. Trainer too (07/14/2019)

To hack the parameters of the game (money, metal, human resources), you need to change the parameters of the start of the game scenario. They remain unfaithful until the end.

Field of Glory Empires / Scenarios / d310BCGrandCampaign / DATA / SETUP_FACTIONS.csv

Open Microsoft Excel “SETUP_FACTIONS.csv”. We see In the column of the names of the nation and to the right are all the parameters.

IMPORTANT: It is necessary to change the parameters of profit (money, metal, people), and not their quantity. The game has functions, the more something, the more minus it will go. Made against huge empires so that they do not accumulate huge wealth. You can turn off this feature in the game settings if desired.

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