FIFA 08: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

There is a cool way to score a goal – you can run to half of the opponent and hit the goal hard, the fact is that when the ball is far from the goalkeeper, it goes out of the goal, and when you hit, the ball will fly over the goalkeeper and hit the net, of course, you need to hit the stars with which are highly accurate, such as Lampard, Ronaldo, etc..!
Good luck football players.

If you are playing in manager mode, and in the next match against any team your player is injured, and it says that he will return after a few months, then do not be upset. If you release him on the field at the end of the next match, then he will recover much faster and will be able to fully play for several days or for the next match. This trick only works when you have no more than 16 players on your team. For example, I played Valencia in manager mode and I had Carlos Marchena injured (he had a dislocated shoulder) and he had 96 days to recover. I released him at the end of the next match, and he only has 5 days left until he fully recovered..

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