FNaF World: Advice (Hacking Money with Cheat Engine)

In short, download the Cheat Engine program.
Then we launch the program and the game.
Next, enter the approximate number of coins

then click First Scan, they give us a lot of results, but we continue to save coins
When any enemy comes across we kill him
Then the number of coins changes

and click Next Scan you will be given how many results are approximately 2,4,5 and so on we select everything and click the red arrow
Next, we press the number 10 and me on 9999999 or whatever number will suit you

And done

I’ll tell you right away if you enter the store, everything is reset, it’s better to wait for an opponent.
And then the number changes

and now you can go to the store.
This is all I hope I helped you (sorry for these many screenshots)

Download CheatEngine from our server you can here.

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