Forza Horizon 3: Tip (Hack for Money and Experience with Cheat Engine)


For hacking, we need Cheat Engine and Forza (I can give a ban) If during operations your game crashes, then you will enter CE with administrator rights, then in the context menu at the top in edit and in settings. Next, go to the left in debugger options and select use VEH debugger in the debugger method

We start the game, leave the garage and pause. In Cheat Engine, in the process menu, select forza_x64_release_final.exe

Next, in the line, enter your amount of money and click first scan

he has been looking for a long time. If you have found 2 or more identical options, then restart the game and CE. If you have found 1 option corresponding to your amount of money, then click on it with the left mouse button, then right-click on this line and select find out whatwrites to this adress. A question will pop up. Click yes

Next, a menu appears (empty) and we must exit the pause in the forze and enter again. A line should appear there. Click on it and click on the second button on the left. Show dissambler

A window appears with a highlighted line. Right click on it and select break and trace instructions. A window will pop up and where it says 1000, add one zero to make it 10000 and click OK

After that, another window will pop up. You have to exit the pause in the forze again and enter again. You can freeze the game, but you wait

Next, lines will appear in your window. Right click anywhere and click, in the window that appears expand all.

Select the very first line. Next, in the search menu, press find and in the line type “EDI ==” (without quotes) and after == without spaces, write your amount of money and press ok.

You will be thrown to the line. But this is not the right line. You should go up one line and click 2 times on it. In the previous window, you will be transferred to the line with money. Double click on this line (where it was thrown) and you have to put the number that you want instead of square brackets. Only first you need to convert the number into a special code on the website

Let’s say 100,000,000 = 5F5E100

And you insert this number instead of parentheses (without parentheses)

and press ok. Press no to the next question.


Now your experience, money and Skill points have changed to 100,000,000 (or another number that you entered)

Good luck and good shopping!

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