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September 21, 2020
25 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Freelancer: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

In the third mission there was a glitch – the ships (3 fighters near the planet on which we were supposed to land) did not want to kill us at least burst … it was also impossible to kill them with any weapon (the mission immediately failed safely) – there is a way out! it cannot but be;) it was enough to ram those unfortunate fighters (though it is long and dreary, but it was too lazy to go through the mission again;))

You just have to not fly at the target (to the planet), but try to fly around the ships (change the course to the planet down), they notice our ship and the “massacre” begins.

If you have a ship with a level 10 weapon, then fly to New Berlin (the system is like this), look for a pirate passage to the system there? (can’t remember) (there is one fog), and look for THREE ships near the hole. I recommend you fly empty. Cannons of level 10 fall out of the ships with hull damage from 1000 to 2000 (+), and shield damage from 700-2000 +. Pirate attacks are possible (guns 34,000 cr., And there are 6 of them). Then you can fly to Omega – 11 (it is at the bottom of the map), to which there is an entrance from any Omega, look for Art. Solaris (it is behind the planet), buy the maximum amount of diamonds and fly to Leeds, land on the planet and sell them for 1275.
P.S. Stay to the right of the beacons, otherwise you will be glowing 😉

I did differently;) with this glitch (at first I flew for a long time) without flying away from the base even 1K, and we should not respond to all calls in a hurry. At the same time, it was highlighted that they say you could not fly to the point of the mission. After loading, the ships were packed as if there was no glitch.

The most realistic way to make money is trading.
You also need to know a lot about this, so that you don’t just buy and sell. And you also need to buy a larger ship, with good armor, and weapons. So that a lot of people wanting to get freebies here and now. I myself use Reiland’s hunchback. Although not the most roomy (250, but there are 275), but the armor is strong. You buy diamonds in New Berlin (you can also fly further for them, but it is not much cheaper there, and you risk losing more cargo). In general, we take as much diamonds as possible and take them to a new nokio, so that there they will have a red price of about 1500 chtoli. Fly through a 13 sigma jump hole or something. It is located near New Berlin, in the middle of the trade route. To the right of the planet. Then (after the hole) we take off and fly along normal paths. And then think for yourself what to buy and where to take. Tell everything to you…

Do you want to buy Titanium? It is for sale in Crete, I entered through Omicron Alpha on Anubis. But how did it go …. 4 days. With the Outcasts, the enemies, through their system, made my way through the back streets, jumped to Gamma, but did not make friends with the Corsairs, the same back streets to the exit to Sigma-41, where in a bar for a modest fee of 150,000 I was reconciled with these nice guys. Do not spare money, the cost of a mission in Crete is from 95000-140000. A titanium costs only 700,000, you can’t fix any problems, just put a shield more powerful, a class 10 weapon (in central systems you bring down other ships with 1-2 shots) and pirate to your health. Good luck to you.

Titanium is sold in Crete in the Omicron Gamma system. The Corsair system. Enlist their friendship in the bar of the Sigma-41 system for only 150,000. The ship costs 700,000. The cost of the mission to Omicron Gamma is from 95,000-140000, so you will justify your money quickly. Putting a class 10 weapon, a good shield (everything is sold there, only I picked up the weapon), almost all ships in the central systems are destroyed after 1-2 shots, pirating on it is a pleasure.

From Omicron Gamma there is a hole in the nomad system. Having filled up a couple of fighters, you can collect Energy Cannons (damage 400-800, but energy consumption 0 !!!). This is for those who haven’t learned to shoot well!

About a glitch in mission 3. Problem due to sound.
We’ll have to go into the registry: hkey_local_machine / software / windows nt / Microsoft / Windows nt / CurrentVersion / Drivers32 / msacm.l3acm
Where to rename the L3codecp.acm file to L3codeca.acm!
It worked :)!?

It seems to me that the best ship in the game is a ship based on OMICRON ALPHA SABER (from Outcast). he has a turret on top!

On the question of Titan. I bought it and not at all in Crete, but at the base of Leo in the Omega-41 sector. It is located at six o’clock (i.e. at the bottom of the map) And without unnecessary problems. At first I flew to Reylandiya and killed everyone. Then he flew to Stuttgard and there he took on all missions against the Red Gasiners. Thus, I gained some money and experience (for some reason, no one wrote that in order to buy a Titan you need to be level 32 !!). Fighting against the Red Gasins – at the same time you add points for the corsairs – they are at war. I personally had a bad relationship with the corsairs. So while I was flying in Stuttgart – they improved.)) Then I jumped into Omega-11 (the biggest problem there is radiation.) We continue to kill Gasints. At about 8 o’clock there is a hole in omega-41 (and to the base of Leo). While I flew to the base, I already had neutral relations with the corsairs, so it cost 105 thousand to buy an alliance from them. a couple of flights (missions at the base of Lev for 50-90 thousand hours) and we sit on Titan (not forgetting to hang all the goodies on it – which, by the way, just lie closer to the star). Also – radiation is a nasty thing – stock up on nanotoids and stay away from the stars – I blinked once and fell apart from radiation sickness .. :)))

In general, you have to try a little to say, and to see what happens after you acquire a saber (outcasts Chief Cor.), And after that you do not spare yourself from Malta in the same system to the unknown jumping hole. There, if you want to jump, not jump, your business is looking for nomands (ha-ha looking for ?? tikaesh!) Urinate them and collecting their cannons (2 types of those) in Malta, put them and got maximum pleasure. Energy is not required for them.

How to make money fast.
We fly to the cortez system, freedom. there is a jump hole 6 hours from the gate of cortez california. near it we bring down everyone in a row and collect cardamine, then we sell it for 1500 each on the planet manhattan, new york, freedom.

Do you want to have friendly relations with everyone? Soak xenov long and hard. Your relationship with the gang has worsened – fly to Sigma-13, to the scavenger base and buy relationships. You can make friends with the Xeni at freeports, but I didn’t do it, because Xenes are the most stupid and don’t need friendship.

The fastest way to fund your account is drug trafficking. But for this it is necessary to establish relations with the Outcasts. To do this, fly to the Scavenger station, where gentlemen with a “tarnished” reputation like collecting. The most powerful ships are Titan (sold on the planet of the Corsairs – Crete) and the Saber (sold on the planet of Outcasts – Malta). Both can carry a class 10 shield, two class 9 guns and four class 10 guns. Class 10 cannons are nowhere to be found. They can only be removed from the side of a wrecked ship of some ace.

Here are some of the unofficial routes used by pirates (off-route) and pirate bases:
1. The Gallileo system: in the northwest in a radioactive cloud, the Leiden Hackers base. Nearby are jump holes in the Copernicus and Shikoku systems. The exit from the Copernicus Jump Hole lies strictly east of the Mutation Research Station. In the southwest of Galilee, in a radioactive cloud, the Rogue Base of Padua. Near hopping hole in Colorado. The way out of the hole is in the northern asteroid field.
2. System Cortez: in the western part of the base of the Rogues Montezum. Next to the jump hole to Magellan. The exit from the hole in the northern part, north of the Leeds jump hole.
3. The key point and staging base for the Rogues’ raids is the Beaumont Scavenger Base in Texas. In addition to the jump hole to New York to the Buffalo base, there are holes to California to the Alcatraz base (in the western part of Texas) and in the Hudson (in the southern part).
4. Hudson system: in the eastern part of the Dawson Rogue base, in the northeast – the Xenos Kurgan base. Near the Dawson base there is a jump to the Bering system. Exiting the hole in the western part of the system.
5. Bering system: in the southwest, the Pacifica Unioners base. Near the base there is a jump hole into the Hamburg system. Exit from the hole – in the northern asteroid field of Hamburg.
6. Kushu system: in the southwest is the base of the Farmers’ Union. There are holes near the base in New Tokyo and Shikoku. In the north is the entrance to Hokkaido. After that, to the south, the Chrysanthemum Ainu base, to the north – the hole in Chugoku.
7. Edinburgh system: Guyane Eisley base in the northeast. There is a hole in Leeds near the base. Exit from the hole in Leeds near LD-14. To the north is a hole in Tau-31. Exit from the hole near the planet Harris. Tau 31 – Edinburgh – Leeds – Magellan – New York – the main drug trafficking route for outcasts from the outer worlds in Liberty.
8. System Sigma-13: in the southeast there is a hole in Sigma-17. The path of the corsairs.

Now for a snack, something really interesting. Hessians. In addition to the fact that at the bases of Freital (Omega-11) and Ronnebug (Omega-5) diamonds are sold for almost nothing, at least cheaper than in Solaris, the Hessians have a well-disguised Vogtland base in a gas cloud in northwest Dresden. So here you can buy a Saber ship, just like in Malta! Nearby jump holes in New Berlin and Stuttgart.
Good luck to all gentlemen…

How to find all the jump holes and bases: just look where the cruise lines of the ships converge and that’s it.

Everyone knows about the jump hole to the nomads at Omicron Alpha, north of Malta. True, their system has nothing but radiation. And I was lucky to find another system of nomads, and absolutely no radiation. The entrance is located approximately in the middle of the radioactive cloud Omicron Gamma to the north of Crete and is surrounded by frozen corsair destroyers. So in this second system of nomads there is no radiation, but some hefty clubs with thorns float in space (though you cannot hit them) and there are two inhabited planets. Moreover, one of them is inhabited by robots (just like Shelezyaka) and is called the Gammu base, and the other (the planet Primus) is called apes (how not to remember the planet of the apes). I laughed at the padztul when these chimpanzees talked to me in good English. For the sake of fun, I advise you to visit this world. True, this system is unremarkable..

I found the exact path to the planets of monkeys, robots and the place where the Nomads were brought. The path to monkeys and robots: 1) From Sigma 19 we fly to the gate of the Sigma 17 jump (there you can look at the broken-down Freport 7), they are located in the northeast daaaal. 2) From Sigma 17 to the Omicron Theme jump hole, it is located in the southern part of the green cloud. 3) From there we fly to the hole of the Gamma Omicron jump, it is located in the southern green cloud approximately in the middle. 4) From there, to the Unknown jump hole (It is called so on the map), it is located in the northern part of the green cloud and is surrounded by with the corpses of the Corsairs! And here we are in the Unknown system. There are two planets here: Primus-monkeys, Gammu-robots.
By the way, here’s a glitch of the game: In this system, two stars, one is a red giant, the second is without a name, so whoever has the patience to fly to the second can fuck about it and nothing will happen to him. And in this system there are a few nomads.

Now about the nomads. 1) From the Topic of the omicron, we fly to the hole of the Alpha omicron jump, it is located in the northern part of the green cloud (personally, I have this hole in the game without a name). 2) From there we fly to the unknown jump hole, it is approximately in the middle of the green
clouds and littered with rogue corpses, do not confuse it with the Beta jump hole. I also attached screen shots from these systems to the message.

Another trade tip: we buy engine components in the Kyushu system (on the planet of the same name) at a price of about three hundred and forty kr. apiece, we take them to the Magellan system and there, at the Mactan base, we sell them for more than four thousand. In the presence of a good cargo ship, the fat gain in one trip is more than tangible..

As for the ships, in my opinion it is stupid to put the turrets behind, because their firepower is needed when you shoot at the enemy with all guns. After all, there is a difference to shoot, for example, from Seven guns or from six. Here is the coolest alleged ship Titan can shoot at an enemy target with only six guns when you are flying not her. And the Titan is worth more than the Saber, Which fires from seven guns. The Saber has more firepower than Titan or Eagle, but it costs less. In my opinion, the Saber is the most baty ship than the Eagle or Titan.

Someone there said SABLE is the best ship. I disagree. The best ship is TITANIUM Corsairs. Put 4 level 10 cannons on it (I had about 24 of them in the hold) – it still shoots well. A SABLE and 2 cannons do not last long. I won’t say anything about the turret in front of the SABLE – it is better in this. But energy! .. TITANIUM has a much better energy reserve.
One piece of advice – About trading.
As someone said – trading is the best way to stock up on money. I advise: buy a more spacious ship (the GORBUN will do perfectly), fly (to be honest, I don’t remember exactly where – I played for a long time) somewhere in Rheindland – somewhere OPTRONICA is sold there for about 300 for 1 and sell it on the planet CAMBRIDGE. It turns out cheaper to buy, more expensive to sell and fly closer (which sometimes really hammers).

By the way, there is one more ship besides the titanium and the saber, this is the Eagle.
So he has 2 guns of the 9th class, 4 guns of the 10th class and 1 turret, too.
And this maneuverable miracle of technology is sold in Freeport 9-Omicron Zeta, square 4E, for only 500,000 credits and to buy it you don’t need to earn a special reputation with all sorts of dudes, such as outcasts and corsairs.

Also, where to get a level 10 weapon, and quickly and often: Fly to the point in the middle of squares 5E and 6E in Omicron Beta. There you will find the wreckage of the ship. Shoot it lightly. All sorts of weapons will fly off him. Take them. Among the weapons and ammunition, you will find 2 Blue Fire guns (someone like that). Sell ​​them at the nearby Ruiz base. The whole bug is that the only sources of level 10 weapons are such debris. They are found most often in remote systems.
If you picked up a weapon once, then a bummer awaits you the second time. But this ship is an exception. You can do this quickly and often. Huge money is guaranteed to you!

Personally, I had good relations with the Korars, and with outcasts, and with the Hessians – in general, with all criminals, except, only Molly. How? Very simple: I drenched where there was a meeting of bounty hunters. As a result, neutrality with both outcasts and corsairs…
I flew in a Saber, and, by the way, I had enough energy storage with 10th class cannons for 11 shots, which is quite enough.
By the way, in Sigma 13 (where there is a hole from the new Berlin) there are not 3 wrecked ships, but 5, or even 6 – I don’t remember exactly. These extra ships lie about 11 hours from the hole in Berlin in the gas cloud.
By the way, in the “walkthrough” it is written that, at the end, the Osiris battleship sold the best guns at that time. But I had much better weapons: 2 each
Type Pyros 2, Type 2 Dragoons and Luger Type A. I bought the first two at the Cali base, and the Luger at the Bundschuk base somewhere in the Rheindland (you get there on the mission), I just bought the turret at Osris, because. buying the rest flew on the Barracuda. ​​With such weapons I gave a real rebuff to the 2nd Hammerheads and 4th Barracudas.

The best ship in the game is the Eagle. If in doubt: fly online, play a duel with live opponents, and you yourself will understand everything. Armament: cannons against shields (Tizona del Cid), nomadic cannon and blaster, photon cannons (such as skyblasts), missiles and torpedoes to taste, Shershen interceptor. A competent and experienced pilot on the Saber can compete with the Eagle. Titan is an iron box that can only die.

In the Nomad system (not in the one where macaques and robots, this is where the radiation is) there is a NEUTRAL BASE of NOMADS. But she’s not on the map, she’s behind the map. I found it, chasing one Nomad, it looks like a base of scavengers (junkers). It contains “small” nomad fighters, placed vertically. There you can buy a nomad fighter (I don’t recamend it – there’s no shield), BUT nomad lasers are sold there, they are very powerful, I don’t know if this is a glitch or not, but they can be put even on the most seedy boat and even in the place of a turret, plus they look like on the ship blue-transparent.

Good advice – before escaping from Liberty (story mission) I recommend buying a “Rhino” as a ship (if you are, of course, a seasoned pilot, if not – leave “Defender”) and load it on Pittsburgh to the eyeballs with boron (120 credit cards per ton). Stay away from annoying cops, let them be distracted by Junie (she still has almost infinite health). This boron is sold in the mines of Stroka (who knows how) at a price of 960 credit cards per ton. If you sell 80 tonnes of boron purchased in Pittsburgh, your net profit is 67,200 credit cards. Plus 25,000 will give Tobias in the story. Well, now think about how to spend your old money;).

To the dispute about Titan and Saber. Titanium is good only in one case: if you need to scald for a long time for radiation. Otherwise, all the advantages are extinguished by monstrous awkwardness (quite calmly hanging on the Saber on the tail of the Titan, without squeezing the maximum of its maneuverability). Then, it is quite realistic to disperse 5 Titans, three – with a lethal outcome, on a Saber with four class 7 barrels, an 8th turret and two Prometheus. Again, there is absolutely no need to swing two extra levels and spend extra 200,000 credits.

Advice for those who are tormented by the question – what is now with freeport 7 and who blew it up?

1. Freeport 7 is now in a terrible state asleep in sector e3 in sigma 17 (I don’t remember exactly, but I remember that there is a Kuril planet in that system). Eerie sight.

2. It was blown up by nomads, who still have not guessed, I have evidence:
first, the laser used to detonate the station was pink, which is the key color for nomads.
secondly, before the ships shoot and we lose sight of them, you can notice firstly the color of the ships (it is pink), and secondly, that the ships are transparent.
third, because the ships teleported to the station, and only nomads can do this (osiris does not count, except for this ship, no one from the order, as I know, can teleport), and also the trace from the teleport is a pink haze.

Probably a lot of the players got the hell out of the bastard Dexter Hoves in Mission 6. Yes, yes, the same damn race that finished off your humble servant. So. As a result of digging up the Internet, I discovered for a long time one curious modification that allows you to bypass this race. This truly brilliant file is called “Hovis race bypass mod”, but unfortunately, almost everywhere it was, it was deleted. Therefore, I will now attach it to the message. Say “no” to Hoves – and fly to Gloris station, the coordinates of which appear at you. To activate, you need FL Mod Manager of any version. Unzip from rar before use

And yet, for fans of huge firepower: after completing 12-13 missions, it is very pleasant to fly on a Dromedary, because you can hang two level 6 guns and 6 fifth level turrets on it. And the sixth level cannons are in abundance in Kusari space (for example, Hokkaido, upper left cloud, near the jump hole). But in order to buy this marvel of frontier technology, you must come to terms with the Hackers. The easiest way is to return to Liberty on the Crusader and kill everyone there who is not lazy (except for thugs and, of course, pirates). At the same time, you will get the required 62,000 credits.

The level obtained in the last mission depends on your ship. On Anubis they give 18, and when I played the game only on civilian ships (I just got tired of going through it) and got there on the Hawk, they gave me 26.

In the Nomad system (not in the one where macaques and robots, this is where the radiation is) there is a NEUTRAL BASE of NOMADS. But she’s not on the map, she’s behind the map. I found her chasing one nomad, she looks like a scavenger base. It contains “small” nomad fighters, placed vertically. There you can buy a nomad fighter (I do not recommend it – there is no shield), but nomad lasers are sold there – they are very powerful. I don’t know if this is a glitch or not, but they can be installed even on the most seedy boat and even in the place of the turret, plus they look blue-transparent on the ship.

Another lucrative trade route is between the planet Leeds and the Mactan hacker base in Magellan. At the hacker base, you can buy the most capacious truck in the game – Camel (its hold is 275, I have never met it) and transport H-fuel from Leeds to this base, the income from each sale is almost 60,000, and the whole route takes only 15 minutes. True, for this route it is imperative not to be at enmity (neutrality is enough) with outcasts, hackers, vagrants and the Bretonne police. It is advisable not to feud with mercenaries, gayans and mollys (they can increase the time of the route).

The best way to earn “a little” money is, before escaping from Liberty, to buy spare parts for engines in Houston, and then sell them to Linear Hackers in Magellan – we fly to them on a mission anyway. In general, the best way to earn money is to transport alien organisms from Freeport 9 in Omicron Zeta to a research station near Cambridge. You have to fly from Omicron-Zeta to Omega-41, then to Omega-5, and from there to Cambridge. They cost 600 credits in Freeport-9, and 2000 credits at the station. So, flying on the Dromoder, we have a profit of about 1,000,000 per flight. You can take medicines back, they are quite cheap there from the closest ones. All you need is friendship. with the corsairs.

The best way to make tons of money is to trade cardamine correctly. But many do not like to fly far … as I do. The shortest and most profitable trade route:

1. Deal with the Bounty hunters, until, until you bring to a neutral relationship with the Outcasts and Travel Hackers.

2. We fly to the Mactan base by the shortest route (through the abandoned gates of the passage in Bedlensa), where we buy Cardamin’s with all the money. Then quickly, without giving the cargo to anyone, we fly to Manhattan and sell the entire cargo.

3. Repeat step 2 3-4 times until money is accumulated for the Dromedary ship (based on Mactan). We buy it, as a result, we have average combat power, armor, and a cargo compartment of 275 units.

4. Now let’s change everything a little. After we sold cardamine in Manhattan, we buy hydrogen fuel there and fly to Mactan – there we sell fuel and take cardamine.

For those who “have a lot of trouble with Hovis”: the mission is completed the first time and, moreover, very easily, with the most important thing, as soon as they started, instantly turn on the marching engines. If at the start you missed the first ring, do not be discouraged, this is not scary, the main thing is to fly further strictly through the rings, without missing a single one. Forget Hovis, just fly. Even when you hear reports of missile attacks and volleys of gun platforms – fly, do not pay any attention to all this. Result – you are a winner! The mission is completed on any ship!
Regarding money, I advise you to pay attention to the Omicron-Beta system. Previously, I advise you to establish relations with the Outcasts, at least to neutral!
One of the options: fly to the Colorado system, find the Urey station (to the left of the trade route;
or approximately 8 hours from the Pueblo station) and persistently urinate the Xenov until you see that the attitude of the Outcasts has become neutral. It will not be false to do this, since the Xenos fly there on clamshells such as “Starship” and “Mustang” and buy weapons in the children’s world. Well, then we fly to Omicron-Beta! Avoid clashes with Hackers and Rogues on the way there, as they are friends with the Outcasts, this can damage your reputation in their eyes.
Only engage in combat when absolutely necessary!
In Omicron-Beta, sit down at the Ruiz base and buy friendly relations with the Outcasts, this will allow you to later buy a level 10 shield from them, and in the neighboring Omicron-Alpha system, on the planet Malta, the Saber fighter!
If you have cash problems, it doesn’t matter, at Omicron-Beta you will solve them once and for all!
We pick up from the Ruiz base, nearby are the wreckage of a fighter (which was already mentioned in one of the tips), we remove 2 level 10 guns from it and everything that falls out of it, then we fly to the other side of the Ruiz base, there we find the wreckage of transport and it convoy, shake them out and fly to the base to sell. The profit will be about 250 thousand per turn. The entire flight Base-Fighter-Transport-Base is about 10 minutes. This route can be completed indefinitely until you think you have enough money .-)

It is easy to defeat Hovis, the most important thing is to keep in his tail. At the very end of the track, he swoops into battle platforms and for a short time leaves the race. If you do not drag around like a turtle, or do not fly off the track yourself, then you can win. To fly the route without any problems, I advise you to fly it alone without haste using the afterburner and remember it, then it will be easier. Personally, I beat Howis twice in trucks and five times in fighters..

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