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September 25, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Gears of War tip

Gears Of War by hamachi (co-op with a friend, team for team)

1 – Download LIVE fix –

After installing it you will have a name Player1

in order to change it, download any “hex editor” – (just like that and type in a search engine like start the hex editor and open the file “OnlineSubsystemPC.u” – it lies here- D: \ Gears of War \ WarGame \ CookedPC \ OnlineSubsystemPC.u

hit search text F3 normally, and type Player1

then just replace Player1 to your nickname.

Don’t forget to save

2 – Download Hamachi

3 – install hamachi. – install.

4 – go to the game network in the hamachi itself

5 – start the game

6 – press Enter upon request. and already in the main menu open the console (press the tilde “~”)

7- in the console enter open (space) “The IP address of the person who created the game“:

in the end it looks like this open

after press Enter.

everything, enjoy the game.

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