Gorky 17: Tip (Console Unlock)

To activate the console, go to “Start”, open the “run” command and start the game with the “- anch760722 760722” parameter. It will look something like this: 
D: \ Games \ Gorky 17 \ gorky17.exe – anch760722 760722 
Now you have access to the debug console (~ key) 

Dial help and you will be given a list of available commands

heal – heal the selected character up to 100%. Doesn’t work on Medusa 

“Q” = Skip fight  
“V” = Win battle   
“G” = Lose fight 
“J” and “H” = Zoom in and out camera  
“C” = Game creators and translators  
“F11” = Pause  
“F5” (hold!) = Hide heroes and monsters  
“F6” (hold!) = Hide everything except heroes and monsters     

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