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February 27, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Gothic / Diccuric: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

When Slade says to bring him the book “Fundamentals of Magic”, agree. Go to Taliasan and talk about it. He of course starts to drive at you, but do not be offended. Go to Alvin (at this time he should be at the entrance to the camp). Ask what he knows about Taliasan. He will tell you that Taliasan is making dope for the guys in the camp. Say thanks and run to Benchel’s bar. Ask who he is waiting for. The conversation will start by itself. You will learn that Taliasan has to come to Benchel’s meeting today. The guys are waiting, tossing, but he does not go. Run to Taliasan and talk about Benchel’s strong desire to see him. He will remember about the scheduled meeting (as soon as you can forget about this? !!) and run away. Take calmly the book (it is on the shelf in his hut) and go to Slade. As you start talking to him, first give the book “The skeletons of mania”, and then “Fundamentals of Magic” and that’s it. You don’t even have to buy a highly intoxicating drink from Carmack, spend your money. Don’t forget to pick up the letter! Good luck.

Slade needs a book? OK.
In the forest next to a dead soldier (his kingdom is heavenly) there are 2 runes and a note. Read the note. You throw out the 6th circle rune anywhere, come to Taliasan, take the book “Fundamentals of Magic” and spoil … But keep in mind, the magician should not be in the hut! .. And then proceed as usual: give the book to Slade, and the quest will be completed.

Go to the swamp, on the rock near the harpies, find the corpse of a certain Mariarty, take the golden brosh and the diary. Read the diary, and go to the farm, where the aunt gave quests, in the barn, where the rats were soaked, activate the brosh, an elevator appears beforehand and the inscription “Changes have taken place”, go into the elevator, click on the control panel and you are in a strange place that looks like a ship from the series Startreck. Unfortunately, this is an unfinished quest, I stumbled upon it by accident when
“cleaned” the swamps.

A very simple bug, probably everyone noticed it themselves, but I’ll write it all the same. If in a savage (and in any first Gothic), after jumping from a great height (for example, from a mountain), you start and do not stop strafing until the end of the fall (by default A or D), then you will not lose hp when you fall.

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