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March 26, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Jade Empire: Hint (Quick Guide to Combat Mechanics)

Let’s start with the fact that the game has a classification of the fighting styles used, as well as the classification of enemies on whom these styles act or vice versa – they do not..

Classification of styles:
1 armory
2. Combat
3.Support styles
5 transformations

1-2 The name of the weapon and fighting styles speaks for itself.
3. Support styles allow you to paralyze the enemy, slow him down or interfere in some other way.
4 magic styles harness the power of the elements.
5. Transformations allow you to take the form of various creatures, even demons.

Because of this, half of the combat mechanics are based on this classification. The other half is based on preferred tactics and defaults to character stats. That is, in battle, we can rely more on our own vitality, qi or intelligence, depending on what kind of fighter we create (fast, magic, power). However, nothing prevents you from coming to a balance (balanced). Accordingly, we can rely on the health of our protege, the qi-strikes mode or the concentration mode.

I think it is useful to prepare in advance for a collision with certain classes of enemies, so that later you do not waste “HP” and time looking for the fighting style to which this mob is susceptible. Therefore, assign styles to the keys according to the types of opponents. It’s best to start with human and undead oriented styles. Keep the 1-3 keys busy with combat style, weapon style and support style. Key 4 – magic, key 5 – reincarnation. For the rest, you can assign whatever your heart desires.

As stated above, half of the combat mechanics depend on the type of enemy. Therefore, I will tell you about which enemy combat styles are the most and least effective against..

Ogres are not demons, so they are susceptible to all styles..
It is good to use a combination against them: magic style + finishing off with combat or finishing with weapon.
Slightly less effective ligaments: support + combat style, support + weapon style.

Immune to support styles as well as magic styles.
It is good to use transformation, fighting and weapon styles against them..

Immune to support and weapon styles.
It is perfectly killed by fighting styles, although it would seem that to beat the ectoplasm with your hands is the height of ignorance.

Perfectly kill with Thane’s Retribution (two hatchets) and transformation styles. Slightly less fast – fighting and other weapon styles. Not susceptible to channeling styles and magic.

Ordinary people.
They are literally dying of everything. They do not bring any particular problems. Are destroyed quickly.

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