Land Of The Dead: Road To Fiddler’s Green: Advice (Most essential cheats, tips and some bugs in the game)

I decided to collect only the most necessary codes that will really come in handy in the gameplay:

god – makes the character immortal (Only 1 level is valid! That is, at each new level you need to re-drive the code into the console)

all gun – it’s strange that the word gun is used in the name, in translation from English this word means “gun”, that is, if translated literally, the code will sound like this: “get all the guns”. But despite this, you will receive not only guns, but all the edged weapons will fall under your feet

kung fu – this code gives you kung fu, in the tips for the game I will describe this type of weapon in more detail

fly – for people who know English, there is no need to explain the meaning of this code, but I’m sure not all users are strong in English. By entering this code, you will be able to fly, but know: each location has barriers, both to the top and to the sides.

all ammo- by entering this code, you will replenish the ammo of your weapon to the maximum

These are the simplest and most popular codes that, in my opinion, everyone will like!

Now let’s move on to the tips:

1) Zombies cannot jump and climb, so use hills, but not gentle ones! Vertical only (tested)
2) You can kill with an ax with one blow, just aim at the head and your opponent will be defeated with one swing
3) The game has a secret weapon, the so-called kung fu, this weapon has no analogues and literally kills with one blow, I came across only 3 such books, the first on a farm with neighbors, the second in the city and the third somewhere else in the game ( forgotten already) .
4) Close the doors behind you! Zombies may break out, but at least hear them coming.
5) At the level when Jack is just sailing to the city of the living and you need to lower the bridge, there is a bug, you will go through the mesh fence, if you jump a little and bend down.
6) You can kill zombies, tear off limbs by jumping on them from hills (I tried not to use any weapons at all, but only to jump)
7) In the hospital there is a level when the floor collapses just before the exit (of course, it was conceived), but I managed to get around this collapse and to my surprise, there were cartridges for a revolver!
8) If you do not kill Otis in one of the missions, then he will soon really turn into a zombie!
9) If you do not spend all the ammo on the rifle in the first mission, then it will not be possible to continue the game, because the zombie behind the door will not break it and you will not be able to take the key to the barn, although this is not the main goal, the main goal is to kill all the zombies
10) If you go to a wooden door in a tight one and throw a Molotov cocktail, then it will explode on the other side of the door, and it will not harm you in any way.

That’s all in general. This is my first job on this site, I ask for an objective assessment. For those who will, they say, there are already codes and tips: I looked at these articles. The tips were only a small part of what I wrote, and the codes were just superimposed with one big press and without any explanation

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