LEGO Worlds: Unlocker (Unlock secret characters, animals, vehicles)

LEGO Worlds has a ton of hidden content that cannot be found inside the game. Today I’m going to show you how to unlock these secrets!

Step 1. Go to the folder with the game installed (C: \ Steam \ SteamApps \ Common \ LEGO® worlds) and make a backup copy of the “GAME.DAT” file. Keep this folder open.

Step 2. Find the save folder (C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment \ LEGOWorlds \ SavedGames), make a backup copy of this folder, especially if you are going to do a full unlock.

Step 3. Copy files from the QuickBMS folder to the game folder.

Step 4. Drag the file to the QuickBMS.exe file. This will open a new window. Select the file “GAME.DAT” and click “Open”, then click “Save”.

Step 5. Wait for the completion of the unpacking process and press “Enter”.

Step 6. Rename or delete the original “GAME.DAT” file (save a backup!) And launch the game, make sure it still works. If so, proceed to the next step..

Step 7. New directories have appeared in the folder with the game installed, open the “CHARS” folder and find the “collection.txt” file. Open the file with notepad.

Step 8. Replace the contents of the collection.txt file with the COLLECTION_Second_Official.txt or COLLECTION_Second_Complete.txt file from the LEGO_Worlds_Collection_Files folder. The first file only opens the items that are currently available in the game, the second file opens hidden collectibles, some of which may cause problems for your game.

Step 9. Launch LEGO Worlds, you can enjoy all the new items!

P.S. This is my translation of the guide from the game’s community on Steam


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