Loki / Heroes of Mythology: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

All items can be multiplied.

Before starting the game, make a copy of the save files. Once loaded, put all your inventory in the warehouse. Drop everything from the warehouse on the ground in any village. Then exit the game and overwrite the copied files back into place. Return to the game in “continue” mode. All your inventory is in place, and everything you dropped on the ground. This can be done indefinitely.

How to defeat Fenrir:
We reach the lair of Fenrir. Not only is the wolf huge and strong, his life is quickly restored. Therefore, I do not advise you to attack him until level 10. Better go around the levels and beat every little thing. This will allow you to wear good things and survive the fight with Fenrir..

So, let’s get down to the fight. The whole trick with the trap is that it won’t slam while Fenrir has a lot of life. Therefore, you need to attack him head-on, using all the available bottles and all your magic arsenal. As it turns out later, Fenrir is not that strong. After he has practically no life left, the trap slams.

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