Mass Effect 3: Tip (Console Activation & Cheat Code List)

Many have not figured out how to activate the console in the game.

For especially lazy ones: download the archive and drop it into the “Mass Effect 3 \ Binaries \ Win32” folder. Now in the game, when you press Tab, a command line (console) will appear, where you can enter codes.

Well, a list of the codes themselves:


Enter these cheat codes into the command line:

AddTargetToParty – add a hero to your team

GiveXP <число> – set the amount of experience, the player cannot lower the existing level

GiveTalentPoints <число> – set the number of talent units for the player

GiveBonusTalent – Unlock bonus talents for the player. See “Cheat Codes of Talents” below.

GiveSpectreTalents – Unlock Specter talents

PickSpecialization – open bonus classes

GiveSuperArmor – Get “Survivor X” light armor with 8000 shields

GiveSuperGun – Get an Assault Rifle with 25000 points of damage

GiveAll – get one of each weapon, weapon upgrade, bioamp, tool and grenades. does not give armor.

GiveAllBioAmps <номер изготовителя> – get all bioamps

GiveAllOmniTools <номер изготовителя> – get all tools

GiveAllGrenades <номер изготовителя> – get all weapons and grenades

GiveAllWeapons <номер изготовителя> – get all weapons

GiveAllArmor <номер изготовителя> – get all armor

GiveAllArmorHuman <номер изготовителя> – get all human armor

GiveAllArmorTurian <номер изготовителя> – get all turian armor

GiveAllArmorQuarian <номер изготовителя> – get all quarian armor

GiveAllArmorKrogan <номер изготовителя> – get all krogan armor

GiveAllMods – Get all Weapon and Armor Upgrades

SetParagon <значение> – set the number of paragon points (max. 340)

SetRenegade <значение> – set the number of renegade points (max. 340)

AdjustCredits <значение> – set the number of team credits (max. 9999999)

InitCredits <значение> – set the number of credits for each team member (maximum 9999999)

InitSalvage <значение> – set the total amount of omni-gel in the team (maximum 999)

KillCurrentTarget – kill the current target

SetRunSpeed ​​float speed – set the running speed to this value

UnlockAchievement – open the specified achievement (list below)

SetGender <значение> – change gender (00 – male, 11 – female) Body and voice will change, but not phrases in dialogues.

Ghost – Disable Collision and Fall Damage

Fly – disable falls

Walk – enable collision and fall damage

Teleport – move the player to the target location

At string newArea – move the player to a new area (location to be specified)

SpawnVehicle – a Mako car appears at the cursor position

upgradevehicle 6 vehthrusterforcebooster – increase the power of the Mako car

List of talent codes: (example: GiveBonusTalent 7)

7 (Assault Rifles) 14 (Shotguns) 99 (Medicine)
21 (Sniper Rifles) 137 (Shock Trooper: Soldier)
49 (Throw) 138 (Shock Trooper: Vanguard)
50 (Lift) 141 (Commando: Soldier)
56 (Warp) 142 (Commando: Infiltrator)
57 (Singularity) 145 (Operative: Engineer)
63 (Barrier) 146 (Operative: Infiltrator)
64 (Stasis) 149 (Medic: Engineer)
84 (Electronics) 150 (Medic: Sentinel)
86 (Damping) 153 (Nemesis: Adept)
91 (Hacking) 154 (Nemesis: Vanguard)
93 (Decryption) 157 (Bastion: Adept)
98 (First Aid) 158 (Bastion: Sentinel)

List of achievement codes: (example: UnlockAchievement 12)
1 Medal of Honor 26 Scholar
2 Medal of Heroism 27 Completionist
3 Distinguished Service Medal 28 Tactician
4 Council Legion of Merit 29 Medal of Exploration
5 Honorarium of Corporate Service 30 Rich
6 Long Service Medal 31 Dogs of War
7 Distinguished Combat Medal 32 Geth Hunter
8 Medal of Valor 33 Soldier Ally
9 Pistol Expert 34 Sentinel Ally
10 Shotgun Expert 35 Krogan Ally
11 Assault Rifle Expert 36 Turian Ally
12 Sniper Expert 37 Quarian Ally
13 Lift Mastery 38 Asari Ally
14 Throw Mastery 39 Power Gamer
15 Warp Mastery 40 Extreme Power Gamer
16 Singularity Mastery 41 Renegade
17 Barrier Mastery 42 Paragon
18 Stasis Mastery 43 Paramour
19 Damping Specialist 44 Specter Inductee
20 AI Hacking Specialist 45 Charismatic
21 Overload Specialist 46 Search and Rescue
22 Sabotage Specialist 47 Colonial Savior
23 First Aid Specialist 48 Undisputed
24 Neural Shock Specialist 49 New Sheriff in Town
25 (Unknown / Hidden / Invalid) 50 Best of the Best

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