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March 5, 2020
13 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Metro: Last Light: Advice (All good deeds, 103 deeds) (updated + fixed)

Metro Last Light Collecting All Good Deeds.
There were 103 of them in total, but the list is not final, there are – either controversial – or buggy (possibly depending on the repack or complexity), but those indicated here were 100% for me Rebooted and rechecked before publication.
The tasks indicated below were performed at the level Ranger – Hardcore (please note if you don’t have flash)

SPARTA (6 cases)
1. Playing the guitar after Khan left.
2. At the exit from the room, hearing voices we freeze. 2 people chatting on the left (one in a wheelchair),
you need to listen to the conversation without going up to them.
3. When leaving the living area, three people are playing checkers and talking. Listen to the conversation.
4. We play there the balalaika.
5. After the shooting gallery, listen to 3 conversations in the dining room and in front of it. (All to the end, starting from the entrance) sometimes the flash fires
on the elevator with Ullman after that.
6. Listen to the conversations of signalmen at the command post. Key about the Base in the swamp.
ASH (3 cases)
7. Before leaving with Anna to the surface near the stairs, turn right into a dead end. There’s a note and a flash.
8. When approaching the funnel, there will be another flash if you keep up with Anna.
9. From the ruins walk slowly on the left side, until Anna says “These are the Guardians”.
PAUL (1 case)
10. Rescue all prisoners. Button on the remote at the end.
REICH (1 case)
11. Do not follow Paul immediately, but listen to the Fuehrer’s speech to the end.
12. Complete the level without a single killed until the very ventilation. If there is no flash, you killed someone.
CAMP (8 cases)
13. As you get out of the ventilation, a soldier beats his own around the corner. Watch the scene to the end.
14. In the same large room we move to the right to the corner. Listening to soldiers talking about a cool gun.
15. We are waiting for the soldier to answer the call on the switchboard and as soon as he leaves we run after.
He will go to open the locker, as he opens, you can jam it. Good deal and you have a tuned Mauser.
If you play on the Ranger – this is the Super Barrel in your case.
16. We return to the large room and climb up the stairs. Listening to the conversation.
17. If no one was killed until the refrigerator itself – a flash at the entrance.
18. In the transformer, we cut out the light and go to the exit through the ventilation hatch on the left side of the room.
19. In the water intake we listen to a conversation between two people about hanging.
20. We also pass the water intake zone without a single death, the murder of Paul’s punishers in the end does not count.
TORCH (4 cases)
21. Near the elevator in the catacombs burn all the cobwebs on the left side, there is a nook.
22. In the elevator itself, light 3 spiders on fire when Pavel starts shouting “ZHGI”
23. When leaving the elevator, be sure to light the spider that attacked Pavel and shoot him.
24. As Paul lights the torch and tells you not to leave it, follow right next to it, do not leave.
Echoes (6 cases)
25.There is also a pipe next to the tail of the plane, it leads under the blockage, climb through it.
26. On the surface, do not rush to the transition, turn left to the plane.
27. In the transition, as Pavel offers to get hold of filters in the first room on the right, look.
28. Before leaving the passage to another room on the right, look where the monster will jump out.
29. On the surface, when Paul asks to wait so the running monsters don’t notice, obey him.
30. Get off the plane with Pavel and follow without lagging until the Demon appears.
LARGE (12 cases)
31. A train with refugees arrives on the platform, listen to their conversation with the guards.
32. As you leave the platform, listen to the woman talking to the man on the bench.
33. An old man is sitting in the passage with a sign, give a cartridge.
34. Listen to this critic to the end and give another cartridge.
35. At the entrance to the bar after the old man a little to the right at the table two people start talking, listen to the conversation.
36. Further after the bar you will see a man juggling balls, there are 2 men and a woman nearby,
talk about Vitka, who was killed by a demon, listen to.
37. Immediately behind them, the old man shows the children animals, look to the end.
38. Turn back while the old man shows, 2 women on the bench – watch how they approach
girls – after they run away from them, listen to a short conversation.
39. At the entrance to the theater, on the right in the cubbyhole, 2 men are bargaining for drugs. Listen and stay close to the merchant,
until he says about the discount, even when he starts to leave.
40. In the theater, sit in a chair and watch the whole performance to the end. (min. 10 running)
41. In the dressing room, listen to the dancers cursing.
42. After the dressing room, without going into the bar for Pavel, turn right, in the shower listen to 2 women.
KORBUT (1 case)
43. We listen to the conversation of the Secretary General with Korbut in the ventilation.
REVOLUTION (6 cases)
44. You need to let one of the 3 guards go downstairs and listen to his report on the communicator.
45. In the armory (look at the map on the wall) in a small closet listen to the conversation of 2 soldiers.
46. ​​Walking around the workshop through the gunsmith and living area, you will find yourself on the other side of the workshop. There are 2 soldiers loading something, listen.
47. In the room where you need to turn off the fan, the men conduct a routine inspection. You need to let them check 4 times.
To do this, first go up the right side – there will be the first save.
Crawl through the pipes to the left – second save.
Going downstairs to find a hatch in the floor, crawl to the grate where there is a box behind it – the third save.
There will be no saves, the man will not go to the next check zone.
At the end of the 4th, there will be a flash and the boss will release everyone. Don’t touch anyone until they’re done.
48. After the fan in the warehouse, on the bottom right, 2nd, they talk about the cargo, listen.
49. At the exit to the checkpoint, listen to a soldier on a machine-gun trolley.
REGINA (8 cases)
50. The first room on the left immediately after the hermetic door, look into it.
51. Second room on the left along the way, go to the end, where the red lighting.
52. Next room on the left, after the next hermetic door.
53. Before the fork after the next gate, switch the switch and break through the wall on the right.
54. At the next fork to the left. Take a look on the train.
55. When you see a carriage on the way, run into the room to the right.
56. Next room on the left, don’t forget to look.
57. Next to the right, run to the end.
BANDITS (4 cases)
58. Refugees listen to one and all.
59. As you hear the screams of a woman, quickly run into the right aisle, have time to save her, otherwise they will kill. If there is no flash,
did you kill someone or she is already dead.
60. Before entering an abandoned station, run into the left turn, as switch the boom.
61. Save children with women in the far corridors on the right. If there is no flash, you killed someone.
DARK WATERS (1 case)
62. On the boat, after the explosion of a box of grenades, by itself there will be a flash. Don’t be blunt during the fight like the boatman screams – right away
help him and do what he says. Stand next to the drawer – serve quickly.
VENICE (6 cases)
63. Where the boatman’s bandits take the moonshine in a canister in a back street, a tramp, give a cartridge.
It is not necessary to give a second time.
64. After the place where the men have lunch after the shift, there will be a tramp on the right. Minus cartridge.
65. In the bar at the bartender’s “fucking” Patronchik))) you can do it more than once … you will laugh later!
66. It is imperative to get drunk in order to return and give the bartender some cartridges, that’s one more thing.
67. Go to the shooting range.
68. Win the bear in the shooting range and give it to the kid nearby.
SUNSET (1 case)
69. In the swamps to get to the plane exactly on the landmarks. We move from left to right – from the gas station to the plane, if you run chaotically, there will be no flash. The essence of all adventures is to get around as many places as possible.
The flash will be either near the plane or in any wreck next to it, if you were in garages, in all the ruins nearby, at a gas station and by a bus. You can determine an important place or not by the SAVE disk that appears.
NIGHT (1 case)
70. On the way to the church, going up to the second floor of the building in which Anna will notice you, you need to go straight after the escalator to the end.
Having previously entered all places, such as a bus to the right of the raft, a house with a walkie-talkie and searchlights, breaking bridges, etc. wherever there will be SAVE.
CATACOMBS (7 cases)
71. In front of the catacombs, listen to the tape recorder.
72. There is a flash in the crypt, you will see the ghosts of the dead, in principle it is impossible to miss.
73. Take the elevator before the Nosachs appear, also don’t miss it. Don’t forget to turn off the lantern.
74. As soon as you hear the stomp of many Nosachi, there is a big hole in the wall next to the left, and Nosachi
will run at the bottom right. Freeze at this hole and let them run.
75. Wait another 10 sec after everything is quiet – flash again.
76. After this place, turn right, stumble upon corpses.
77. After the bridge and the second fight with the Nosachi (and some creeping freaks) on the left in the nook a corpse.
INFECTION (4 cases)
78. After watching the scene where Anna is being taken away, go outside very quickly, do not watch how the infected are shot. You must not let the last one finish. DO NOT SHOOT, kill with knives. Otherwise, the guards will stumble on.
79. Listen to what he has to say to you.
80. Once in the room with the gas, make your way under the floor (the entrance is in the corner right at the entrance) and at the end of the manhole listen to the conversation with the wounded captain.
81. Take off the gas mask when the one who captured Anna threatens to kill her.
QUARANTINE (3 cases)
82. As you leave Anna, we listen and look at the order of all the infected in each block. After the stove the doctor and the rescuer will speak, this is the last one. If you miss at least one or do not listen to a prayer to the end, for example, there will be no flash.
83. Also complex: we listen to a doctor with a girl, then two of them packing things, then doctors for examination,
then in the purifier of the colonel with the doctor and at the end of the patient on the table with the doctor.
84. Linger after passing the post with a megaphone until a resident is killed, then listen to the grandfather rushing to pass with the medicine, bandyuts and next to him without a passport trying to get through, the last conversation to the left of the gunsmith
(as they will pass through the door with Khan)
KHAN (2 cases)
85. Answer the call.
86. Walk forward on the water.
-no good deeds
CROSSING (1 case)
87. Black will stop at a billboard, talk about things.
MOST (2 cases)
88. Before the rise, look into the left room, at the very beginning.
89. Walk along the platform on the left side, there will be a failure, look into it, there is still a steep trunk.
DEPOT (4 cases)
90. When soldiers appear in the DEPOT, slowly make your way to the entrance to the hangar, into the underground passage under the floor of the DEPOT.
91. On the second location, at the very end of the room there is a passage under the floor, there is still a soldier sitting looking at it.
92. On the third inverted carriage, go through it from top to bottom, so as to be under the floor. (you can go there from below – the corpse of the beast is lying there)
93. Do not kill Lesnitsky.
DEAD CITY (3 cases)
94. If you entered all the stalkers’ caches and watched all the scenes, the demon has a flash on the roof.
95. On the first floor of the same house, when descending, if you watched the scene with the child.
96. Flash after a glitch in the subway, by itself.
RED SQUARE (5 cases)
97. Near the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, do not climb into it – a flash, but if you still went, although Cherny asked to leave,
climb the stairs where the pile of corpses is, return the flash.
98. Follow black everywhere and fast! be guided by the glow.
99. When the black says to leave when the Guardians appear, go along the very edge to the adjacent passage (to the right) but not to the Guardians.
100. passing to the right along the edge, you will see how the Demon will fall, then there will still be a flash, then further along the circle and to the pole.
101. Pull Paul out of the pile of hands.
SAD (2 cases)
102. In the garden, go to the right, there are still a couple of blue shields with an arrow, jump into the room.
103. The bear will run away and “hide”, approaching her you will see the Guardians finishing her, kill the Guardians – she must leave,
not die.
-no good deeds
-no good deeds

What does fulfillment of all give? I don’t know, honestly. I didn’t buy the game, so I can’t check.
Together with the collection of all notes 100%, something will.

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