NBA 2K11: Tips (Easy Scoring in My player)

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December 1, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

NBA 2K11: Tips (Easy Scoring in My player)

A simple tip for gaining “easy” points in My player mode.
When the opponent has 5 seconds left until the end of the possession time, and the ball is in the possession of a player you are not guarding, and you see that he is going to throw (it is desirable that he is also on the opposite side), make a dash to the opponent’s ring. If he misses and your team picks up the rebound, then a quick break pass is guaranteed (2 points plus bonuses for “quick break” and “good shot choice” are guaranteed too). If he hits, then you just ran to the attack faster than everyone else, stand and wait for your team to attack (while restoring strength).

P. S. №1 The main thing is not to make a spurt ahead of time, otherwise a pass to the player you were guarding, easy points for his team and you minus bonuses for “allowed to make a throw”.

P. S. №2 If everything is done correctly, then 25 – 40 points per match on average are guaranteed to you. (the number of points depends on the opponents’ playing style).

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