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February 4, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Paraworld: Advice (New options for SEAS with level 4 heroes)

List of new features when playing as SEAS, when heroes reach the fourth level.

Bela — Gunner (level 2, infantry, long range attack)
Great for replacing Arrow (Marksman). Can be put on a fighting dinosaur.

Cole — Shotgunner (level 2, Infantry, Close Rifle Attack)

Stina — Seas Eusmilus (level 2, saber-toothed tiger)
Same unit as other races when Stina reaches level 4.

Taslow — Small Cannon (powerful artillery cannon, long range attack)
The firing range is much longer than the standard SEAS cannon, best positioned behind normal cannons and walls.

James Warden — Stygimoloch (level 0, weak animal, moves independently and attacks enemies)
In principle, there is no particular benefit from this dinosaur. If you need to create a dinosaur lair for extra protection, it’s best to hire Tarna (see below).

Arch Druid — Seas Loudspeaker (a small structure that increases the attack or defense of all nearby friendly units)

Ada — Seas Killer (level 3, powerful hammer stone golem)
Undoubtedly, this formidable monster is worth your attention.

Babbit — Seas Outpost (a universal structure that replaces Barracks and Garage in functionality, where cars are created and soldiers are trained)

Governor — Seas Wall (regular wall)

Larry — Flying Trader (level 3, the airship that supposedly flies)
In fact, he does not fly and cannot fly over rivers, trees or anything at all. But it can transport soldiers, providing temporary protection. Moving fast.

David Leighton — Flamethrower (level 2, Marine, Flamethrower Close Attack)
Not a bad warrior, but he cannot be put on a dinosaur for a full attack from a distance.

Tarna — Carnotaurus Rider (level 3, powerful animal, moves independently and attacks enemies) and Amazon Temple (a large temple that heals everyone around)
A profitable investment for a larger and more damage-resistant temple to heal wounded soldiers. And also to build a den of powerful dinosaurs (which cannot be controlled, they attack the enemy themselves).

Miyagi — Pirate Dunkleo (level 3, powerful sea creature) and Pirate Outpost (creates some units for battle at sea)
Exclusively for battles at sea, otherwise there is little point in hiring this hero. The Pirate Outpost is also building the giant pirate ship that we all saw in the mission in the original campaign, but it can’t even be controlled, let alone fired, unfortunately. The ship leaves the port and moves towards the flag indicator, after which it stops and can no longer do anything, even move. For fun, you can check the box close to the enemy base. An inexperienced player can be frightened))


In English (english):

Bela – Gunner (level 2 soldier)

Cole – Shotgunner (level 2 soldier)

Stina – Seas Eusmilus (level 2 eusmilus rider)

Taslow – Small Cannon (powerful defense artillery)

James Warden – Stygimoloch (level 0 weak friendly creature that wanders on its own)

Arch Druid – Seas Loudspeaker (basic bonus structure, gives damage bonus for nearby units)

Ada – Seas Killer (level 3 powerful golem)

Babbit – Seas Outpost (Seas Universal HQ with Barracks and Garage unit production options)

Governor – Seas Wall (basic defense building)

Larry – Flying Trader (level 3 vehicle, “air” transport which does not actually fly)

David Leighton – Flamethrower (level 2 soldier)

Tarna – Carnotaurus Rider (level 3 powerful creature) and an Amazon Temple (large building that heals nearby units)

Miyagi – Pirate Dunkleo (level 3 powerful sea creature) and a Pirate Outpost (builds new sea units)

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